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Confucius Temple

Zhuangyuan Inn
3.9/537 Reviews

Zhuangyuan Inn

Confucius Temple/Qinhuai River Scenic Area Nanjing|0.21km from Confucius Temple
Features: 1. The location is great, not far from Metro Station No. 3, and there is a large parking lot at the door. Self-driving is also convenient. Personally, self-driving is not recommended, because Nanjing is too traffic jam and the parking fee is expensive, and the subway is very convenient and fast. It is not far from the Confucius Temple, Zhanyuan Garden, Qinhuai River, Laomen East, Zhonghua Gate Scenic Area, and it is also convenient to take the subway to Zhongshan Scenic Area. 2. The breakfast is very good. Although we ordered the champion station at the back, which is not the same level as the champion hotel, the breakfast is the same, 5-star standard, too rich and delicious, and the snacks taste no better than the outside The difference is that I have the strength to go out and swim if I have enough food every day. 3. The service is very good. Every staff member is warm and thoughtful. The room distributes 2 bottles of mineral water. The key is slippers, which is the quality of a star hotel. 4. The environment is also very good, the Confucius Temple scenic area, quiet in the noisy, very good for a quiet rest at night. 5. The quilt is not wet. Many people commented on this issue before, which made me entangled. Fortunately, I decided to choose the champion station. Disadvantages: 1. The shortcoming of beauty is that the bath water is hot or quite hot, and the amount of water will be enough, that is, pressure. It’s too small to wash long hair a bit hard. 2. There is no switch for the ventilating fan in the bathroom. I asked the front desk and said it was a unified switch. Later, I lived in another hotel in Nanjing, too. There was a ventilating fan, but I didn't find the switch. I guess it's the same here.

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Xuanwu Lake

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Nanjing Museum

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4.5/53 Reviews
Hexi/Nanjing Olympic Sports Center/Aonan Area
The room configuration is very complete 😊😊😊😊😊😊 very quiet and comfortable, the hot water water pressure is very low, the bath is very uncomfortable, I hope to improve. The bedside position should be placed on the bedside table, mobile phone charging can be placed on the bed or away from yourself 😔. I heard from the landlord that the parking lot has not been delivered yet, so parking is not very convenient 😔😔😔!
4.4/527 Reviews
Tianshengqiao Scenery Spot
The room is good, the hot water is good, the front desk is better, I lost four bags and batteries in the hotel, people help to find out, and send SF Express to me to go home, praise! ! !
Staying at Bookstore Homestay (Nanjing Confucius Temple)
4.5/541 Reviews
Confucius Temple/Qinhuai River Scenic Area
Advantages: ① The room is clean and unique, and there are many picture books for children. The bed is a bunk bed with a slide. ②Although there are public bathrooms on the second floor, the three rooms on the second floor share two bathrooms, so there is no inconvenience. The bathroom is also very clean. Disposable bath towels, disposable towels and disposable toothbrushes are all available for self-use. ③After booking the room, a password will be sent to the message. Please check it carefully. It feels self-service from check-in to check-out, which is very convenient. ④The location is very convenient, less than 200 meters from the subway station and less than 400 meters from Confucius Temple. Disadvantages: The sofa and beanbag in room 202 are a bit slumped, making it difficult to sit on. Moreover, this kind of sofa is too short, which I personally think is not good.
Orange Crystal Nanjing Jiangbei New District University of Technology Hotel
4.8/51242 Reviews
Jiangpu Tangquan Area
I watched a concert at the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing. After it was over, I didn’t have time to rush to Nanjing South Railway Station to return to Shanghai, so I searched for a hotel nearby. I took the subway for two stops to Nanjing University of Technology and walked for another 8 minutes to the hotel. Crystal Orange is a chain, and there are basically no problems with the hardware (occasionally some small areas are damaged, which is normal, and it is not a five-star hotel). There are no restaurants around the hotel, and there is a small supermarket downstairs. If you stay temporarily for one night, you only need instant noodles. That’s it. The front desk also upgraded the room type for free, which is more than 400 yuan, which is really good value for money. Also, I didn’t bring a charger, so the front desk helped me find an Apple charging cable, which is very user-friendly.
4.7/53 Reviews
Yuhuatai Nanjing South Railway Station Area
It’s very convenient to take a taxi from the South Station for a while! There is also a place to eat nearby! The room is very clean and there is no smell! If you have questions, ask the landlord to answer quickly! If you go to Nanjing next time, you will still choose this homestay!
Podinns Hotel Nanjing South Station North Square
4.2/52773 Reviews
Yuhuatai Nanjing South Railway Station Area
The train was delayed extensively on the night of the 20th. We originally thought the train would be delayed by an hour around 9 o'clock, but later it was said that it would be delayed by 3 hours and 40 minutes. It was almost midnight, so we decisively refunded the ticket on the first floor south. I had no choice but to drag my two children with me, not wanting them to walk any longer. It was a rainy day again, so I chose the nearby Pudding Hotel on Ctrip. I was surprised to walk through the passage to the left side of the North Square and saw a small red light up to 100 meters away. I saw a special price for a twin room for more than 150 yuan. The beauty at the front desk helped upgrade a 1.5-meter bed and a 1.2-meter single bed. I guess I slept in the family room with a window and sufficient air conditioning. Overall, it was clean and tidy. I used a disposable plant fiber towel to wash my face. The hair dryer was powerful. There was nothing wrong with the bathroom except that it didn't have a shower curtain. Highly cost-effective, the per capita price is just over 50, don’t expect too much, no breakfast, just give the baby some more sleep and instant noodles with sausage. Quite comfortable. There is a supermarket downstairs and a self-service machine in the hotel. Just refund the money and return the card. The next day I bought a ticket departing from Nanjing in the afternoon, and then took the Line 3 Railway 2. I spent 20 yuan to store my luggage and then went shopping and ate at the 4 scenic spots Jiming Si Tai City Wall Xuanwu Lake. The Line 3 subway first went to Liuzhou East Road and then Spend 2 yuan to take the 535 bus to the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge from north to south at the terminal. After all, the best route is the most economical on rainy days + cooling down and dragging the baby. A total of 20+12+4=36 was spent on this half-day tour, plus one meal.

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