Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which hotels in Adrar provide high-quality breakfasts?

    Dar el Wafi and Dar Agham Akbou provide high-quality breakfast. Start your day with a delicious breakfast!

  • What are the popular hotels in Adrar?

    Adrar has many popular hotels. Whether you're traveling for business or going on a vacation, Dar el Wafi, and Dar Agham Akbou are preferred hotels.

  • What hotel promotions are there in Adrar? provides various promotions and discounts for users all year round. You can check the promotions page to see what promotions are available on

Local Travel Info

Highest PriceUS$129
Lowest PriceUS$30
Number of Reviews 15
Number of hotels17
Average Price(Weekday Night)US$75
Average Price(Weekend Night)US$74