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Pingshan Canyon, Enshi: a New Dimension? 😱🤩

#2024wish In 2023, one of my biggest travel dreams was to visit Enshi, China. I’d been dreaming of it for more than 3 years! 🏞️ When I finally got the chance to go in 2023, it was EVERYTHING I had dreamed of! The first place we visited was Pingshan Canyon: where the water is invisible! 😶🌫️ Well it’s not REALLY invisible…but it’s so clear, that boats on the river surface appear to be floating on thin air! 🛶 The waters are naturally a vivid turquoise color. Stone structures take on shapes unlike anything you’ve seen before! 🦋🩵 It really feels as if you’re in another dimension; everything is so colorful and otherworldly. It will take your breath away! 🫣 Enshi should definitely be on EVERY China traveler’s 2024 bucket list!! #china #localguides #nature
Posted: Jan 8, 2024
Nada Shawky
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Ernesto Pajares
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Ernesto Pajares
Ernesto Pajares
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