Sharing travel log of Mount Wawu

Sharing a small log of a day trip to Mount Wawu~ ❄️Mount Wawu won't cause altitude sickness, everyone can rush without worry ❄️You can choose a travel group or take a car by yourself ⛄️Route: ✅Day trip: (You can choose a travel group or buy a bus ticket on Ctrip by yourself) ❄️DAY 1: Chengdu - Mount Wawu National Forest Park - Chengdu ✅Travel group: ❗️Round trip by coach💰98➕Entrance ticket & cable car round trip💰180 (Total💰278 No extra fees) ❗️The travel group will send a message in advance to inform where to gather for the car the next day. When approaching the scenic area, there will be a guide to share the travel route with everyone (For reference only, it's a random group, you can look more and choose by yourself) ✅Take the bus by yourself: ❗️Lazy all-inclusive: Entrance ticket & cable car round trip➕Direct bus round trip💰277 (For reference only) ❗️Separate (not cost-effective): Direct bus round trip💰170➕Entrance ticket & cable car round trip💰210 (For reference only) ✅Two-day tour: (The travel group has this option, you can look more, no advice is provided for not taking this itinerary) ❄️DAY 1: Chengdu - Liujiang Ancient Town - Accommodation ❄️DAY 2: Accommodation - Mount Wawu - Chengdu ⚠️Note: ❣️There is accommodation on Mount Wawu, you can also go to the mountain the day before, rest for one night and then go down the mountain the next day ❣️Mount Wawu admission time: 08:00- 14:00 (No entry after 14:00) ❣️Cable car time 8:30- 16:30, be careful not to miss it 🙌🏻Personal precautions: ❗️Thick clothes!!! You can choose some good-looking scarves and hats suitable for taking pictures. Gloves must be brought. It's especially cold on the mountain, especially if you want to play with snow, otherwise your hands will freeze ❗️You must also stick the warm baby. In addition to the front, back, and stomach, it is recommended to stick to the soles of the feet. The feet will be much better if they are warm ❗️Bring a thermos cup, there is hot water available up and down the mountain ❗️Check the weather in advance, you can bring a raincoat and umbrella. If you think the raincoat and umbrella are not good for taking pictures or inconvenient to move, you must bring a hat, otherwise your head will be cold and become stupid!!! ❗️There is no restaurant on the top of the mountain, bring instant noodles, self-heating rice, etc. There are places to get free hot water. We ate at the bottom of the mountain because it was tiring to carry it up the mountain ❗️To reach the top of the mountain, you need to take two sections of cable car. The time is about 20-30 minutes. You don't need to rent a snowboard in the middle. You can rent one for 1💰20 when you get to the top and turn right ❗️It is recommended to rent a snowboard whether you bring children or not. It will be much more convenient to walk, stop and look at the scenery, take pictures and play with the things you can drag
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Jan 17, 2024
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