One-Day Tour Around Chengdu | Hongya Fuxing Village

This summer, you must visit the secluded forest secret of Hongya Fuxing Village. Dense fir forests stretch out like a green ocean, interspersed with summer resort guesthouses built in the pattern of a small town. The lush woods are untouched by human destruction, and this natural beauty alone is enough to inspire a strong desire to visit again. Departing from bustling Chengdu, just follow the navigation straight to Fuxing Village. The journey will take you through the E-Hong Road, passing the picturesque Qiliping and the historic Gaomiao Ancient Town, until you reach Gaoli. Along the way, the verdant mountains and forests are full of vitality, with cool breezes whispering the poetry of summer. When you see the road sign marked with 'Fuxing Village', do not hesitate to turn decisively into the winding country path (later, while boating on Ya Nv Lake, I learned from a conversation with an auntie who came to escape the heat that this is the only access to Fuxing Village). Continue along the path until you reach the landmark of the 'Fuxing Village Village Committee'. Then, after driving another 3 to 5 kilometers, another quiet settlement will appear before you. At this point, look for a wooden sign engraved with 'Liugou Ancient Village', which indicates that you are nearing your destination. During the trip, always believe in 'asking for directions whenever in doubt'. In the face of any uncertainties, don't hesitate to show the pictures you've prepared in advance to the warm and friendly locals. The people here are simple and hospitable, and with a good grasp of the surrounding geography, they will surely point you in the right direction. As for dining, we chose to bring our own picnic equipment and enjoyed a small hot pot feast during a traceless camping by the lake. Of course, there are plenty of restaurants in Fuxing Village, and if you are traveling with a large group and it happens to be lunchtime, you can taste the local delicacies before continuing your journey. It is worth noting that beyond this point, commercial facilities become scarce, especially supermarkets and convenience stores. Therefore, it is advisable to stock up on enough drinking water and snacks in advance to meet potential travel needs. Regarding parking, the end of the road is the final destination, where free parking spaces are provided. Although the road is narrow, the vehicles are orderly parked on both sides, forming a unique landscape. Please remember to leave your contact information in a prominent place inside the car, so that others can contact you in time to move the car if necessary, and maintain this harmonious self-driving tour order.
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Posted: Apr 11, 2024
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