Snowy Wawushan!!! The rime dancing around the bonfire is too joyful

It's about a 2-hour self-drive from Chengdu. People from the south can also feel the charm of the northern scenery. Clothing suggestions: Try to wear brightly colored clothes, they look good in photos (scarves and hats can also be blue or red) White and yellow clothes are not recommended as they don't expose well. Items: Sunglasses🕶, non-slip shoes, sunscreen, hand warmers, thermos Unexpected encounters with dance parades in the scenic area, Qiang ethnic group bonfire dance interaction During the Spring Festival, there will also be snow music concerts, God of Wealth sending blessings and other interactive performances. Recommended spots: The first stop is to check in at the Rhododendron Garden to watch the sunrise and sea of clouds. With the blessing of heavy snow, it looks exceptionally beautiful. The second stop can be the Mandarin Duck Pool Ice and Snow Lake Scenery Alpine Frozen Lake, Seeing the ice lake and snow scenery in the south really gives a visual shock. It is worthy of being the largest table mountain in Asia. The third stop can go to the Xiang'er Snow Field. There are many check-in projects here, Such as snow rafting, children's playground, snowmobiles, etc., Different groups of people can experience different skiing experiences. The fourth stop can go to Lanxi Icefall. This icefall is quite shocking, all of which are formed by huge waterfalls. It's really super fun, I'm going to go again before the Spring Festival
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Posted: Jan 18, 2024
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