Wawushan welcomes the snow season again, and you definitely can't miss this beautiful scenery

Wawushan, the largest table mountain in Asia and the second largest in the world, is praised by the famous British botanist Wilson as 'a huge Noah's Ark above the clouds'. Wawushan has different sceneries in four seasons, but the snow scenery in winter is the most spectacular. In January, Wawushan is covered with snowflakes, covering houses, plank roads, and branches. The autumn maple leaves embrace the earth in the falling snowflakes, and the intersection of snow and warm sun is full of romantic atmosphere. There will be cold waves in the future, and Wawushan will be covered with snow again. The silver-wrapped mountains, the crystal-clear rime is dreamlike, and it is beautiful with the sea of clouds and waterfalls. When it starts to snow in December every year, it becomes another scene: various ice waterfalls, ice hangings, icicles, ice curtains, rime, and snow rime can be seen everywhere, pure like a fairy tale world, unparalleled beauty. The most worthwhile play in Wawushan in winter is the alpine area. From the visitor center to the alpine area, you need to take two super-long cable cars, the first section of Jinhua Bridge cable car, the second section of Gufoping cable car, a total of about 40 minutes. The following is the snow scene tour route of Wawushan (for reference only, please play according to your physical strength): Route: Visitor Center (starting point) → Jinhua Bridge Cableway → Gufoping → Zhengjue Temple → Mandarin Duck Pool → Xiang'er Manor → Mandarin Duck Creek → Rhododendron Garden Viewing Platform → Zhengjue Temple → Gufoping Cableway → Jinhua Bridge Cableway → Visitor Center ● Starting from the visitor center, take the Jinhua Bridge cable car and Gufoping cable car to reach the top of the cloud, and enjoy the snow and rime along the way. ● Arrive at the Mandarin Duck Pool, feel the ice and snow scenery of the Mandarin Duck Pool, and immerse yourself in the fairy tale world of ice and snow. ● Then, you can go to Xiaoyao Bridge to Xiang'er Manor, experience the table mountain cloud top Xiang'er snow field, participate in a variety of ice and snow projects, such as skiing, snowballing, tree crown walking, passionate snow ring, etc. ● From Xiang'er Manor, continue along the trail to visit, a must-see majestic and spectacular scenery - Lanxi Waterfall. Its total height is 1040 meters, and it will condense into a huge ice waterfall and ice curtain in winter. The rushing and flowing posture is crystal clear and rugged and magical. In order to better play in the scenic area, it is recommended to bring a picnic for lunch. Cost issue: Round-trip cable car of Jinhua Bridge + round-trip cable car of Gufoping + ticket: about 260 yuan (reference) Children under 1.2 meters are exempt from cable car fees Warm reminder 1. Dressing suggestion: mainly storm jackets, down jackets, sweatshirts, hiking shoes, you can also wear suitable sports clothes, shoes are mainly non-slip shoes, leather shoes, high heels and board shoes are strictly prohibited. 2. Bring an umbrella or raincoat, trekking poles 3. A 30L backpack and a garbage bag 4. It is recommended to bring a thermos cup, mineral water, drinks and other drinking water 5. The road meal generally brings: self-heating rice, milk bread, braised duck neck, cold dishes, bacon sausage, fruit, etc.
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Posted: Jan 29, 2024
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