This private hot spring tree house in Emei Mountain, Chengdu, is so vacation-like!

This private hot spring tree house in Emei Mountain, Chengdu, is so vacation-like! For the first time after resigning, I took my parents on a trip. I took advantage of the weekend to take my parents to Emei Mountain for a vacation. During the day, I walked in the forest to absorb oxygen, drank coffee and read books in the book bar, and soaked in the hot spring and ate hot pot while watching the stars in the evening. The family sat together under the forest tree house, just like when we were sitting around the stove and talking about dreams when we were young. The overall environment of the homestay is full of fairy spirit. It is divided into the main building area, activity area, and 5 independent tree houses and 2 cave houses. From a distance, it looks like a fairy house in the forest. There is also a cute sika deer in the yard, which is the favorite of children. When the evening falls and the lights in the yard are on, it's my favorite time. This blue hour is the most beautiful time of the day. Check in at the sky bar, take a sip while looking at the mountain view outside. The outdoor glass viewing platform is a must-visit spot for taking photos. The panoramic book bar on the top floor overlooks the clouds and mountains, drinking tea and reading books. You can feed the cute sika deer, which is very suitable for parent-child travel. Children will be very happy. There is also a special children's play area in the distant mountains. Rich experience activities, special cultural and creative exhibition area, often hold various art exhibitions. There are a variety of room types to choose from: pool room, bathtub viewing room, family suite, independent tree house, each room has its own view. Homestay catering. Special dishes: grilled fish, small hot pot, make a dinner reservation half an hour in advance, eat while waiting for the night to fall, waiting for the smoke in the mountains. Homestay: Emei Mountain Far Mountain Cloud Post Homestay. Location: F5-16, Qiliping International Resort, Emei Mountain, Sichuan. HotelRecommendationMountain HomestayTreasure HomestaySense Super Strong HomestayHotelto go on the weekend
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Posted: Feb 8, 2024
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