Wawushan | "The rooftop of the world, the most beautiful table mountain"

"The rooftop of the world, the most beautiful table mountain"--Wawushan Scenic Area Wawushan is a national forest park, a national 4A scenic spot, a provincial nature reserve, and a provincial geological park. Wawushan has a maximum altitude of 2830 meters and has an 11 square kilometer mountaintop platform, making it the largest table mountain in Asia. The scenic area is known for its "spring azaleas, summer waterfalls, autumn leaves, and winter snow". It has more than 3900 species of rare plants such as azaleas and dove trees, and is known as the "kingdom of the world's azaleas" and "the hometown of China's dove flowers". It has more than 460 species of wild animals such as pandas and antelopes, and is a famous bird watching base in western China. There are 108 springs and more than 70 waterfalls. Among them, the three-level drop of Lanxi Waterfall is as high as 1040 meters, which is the world's highest waterfall drop. In winter, the mountain is full of ice hangings, snow hangings, rime, snow rime, icicles, and ice waterfalls, making it a fairy tale world of ice and snow in the south. Address: Wawushan Scenic Area, Jinhua Bridge, Wawushan Town, Hongya County, Meishan City Ticket prices: Scenic area ticket: 60 yuan/person Jinhua Bridge cable car (round trip): 88 yuan/person Ancient Buddha cable car (round trip): 98 yuan/person Operating hours: Peak season (August 1 to October 31): 08:00-17:00 Off-season (November 1 to April 30): 09:00-16:00 1. Park entry time: 08:00-14:00 (entry is prohibited after 14:00) 2. Jinhua Bridge cable car operating hours: 08:00-17:30 3. Ancient Buddha cable car operating hours: 08:00-17:00 Mountain colorful forest The colorful forest is the highlight of Wawushan in autumn! Wawushan has a large altitude difference, and the colorful forest covers a wide area. Therefore, from the low mountain area to the high mountain area, the colorful forest landscape is slightly different. The low mountain area is still full of greenery, and the mid-mountain area is the first to enter autumn , and the feast of colorful forests and the picture of green leaf fairy trails coexist harmoniously in Wawushan. →The best viewing spot is at the Ancient Buddha cable car, where you can overlook the colorful forest, like a heavy ink painting, and every shot is a big autumn scene. ☁Mountain top sea of clouds Autumn is also a good time to watch the sea of clouds☁☁! Especially in Wawushan, The large temperature difference in the morning and evening makes the probability of the sea of clouds appearing extremely high. And in autumn, the sea of clouds has a different scenery, the high mountain sea of clouds and the colorful forest are combined, the colorful forest is covered by the sea of clouds, forming a beautiful autumn scene . The sky above is blue, the sea of clouds is underfoot, and the colorful forest is by your side, this is the unique autumn experience of Wawushan~ Autumn waterfall The autumn waterfall is different from the summer, no longer accompanied by green trees. The Wawushan waterfall is still rushing, but the surrounding green trees are dyed with brilliant autumn colors, and the colorful forest and the rushing waterfall form a beautiful picture, which is heart-stirring. The 72 wild waterfalls are still a highlight of Wawushan's autumn play~ High mountain flat lake Yuyang Pool At the Yuyang Pool on the top of Wawushan, like a gem embedded in the 11 square kilometer mountaintop, the beautiful lake is wide in autumn, and it is free between the mountains and rivers. The pure lake surface reflects the autumn colors, and the dense fir forest by the lake and the Yuyang Pool form a beautiful autumn mountain and river scenery. Although the autumn in Sichuan is very short, we can use the camera📷 To keep this beautiful autumn. Take advantage of the early autumn, the cool climate, and hurry up and travel~
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Posted: Feb 8, 2024
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Wawushan Mountain Area

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