Before it snows, it's a boring winter

The ticket to Wawushan is worth it no matter how expensive it is! It's a 3-hour drive from Chengdu, a winter secret place to enjoy the snow and take the kids. You can see the snow in the south that is not inferior to the northeast. Wawushan, Hongya County, Meishan, Sichuan Province Face: Tour route Take the 3380-meter-long Golden Flower Bridge cable car to enjoy the fir rime and winter icefall, and the shock of rushing out of the clouds on the ancient Buddha Ping cable car! Finally, watch the sea of clouds and icefalls at the top of the mountain at the Elephant Mountain Villa! The top of the mountain is sparsely populated and the snow is thick and beautiful! Mountaineering equipment: Wear white or slightly bright clothes, comfortable shoes, if you are afraid of slipping, bring snow claws~, warm baby, hat., scarf, gloves, indispensable sunglasses Must-visit attractions The mysterious event of Wawu is located in a wonderful position of geomagnetic force, it is said that it can enhance blood circulation and immunity, and some people say that this is the Bermuda Triangle of China, and you will lose your way. Yuan Yang Chi The clouds and fog are rushing on the lake, the lake water is clear and transparent, the beautiful trees stand upright in the water, it is said that lovers will spend a happy life together if they hold hands and walk here. The reflection of the Lakeside Cloud Top Coffee Shop is clearer and brighter than the entity, built by the lake, stop and have a cup of coffee, buy a box of instant noodles for 10 yuan for lunch, the instant noodles are very spicy haha The cute tents at the Elephant Mountain Villa Camp are very suitable for taking pictures, and the tourist service center is also here. Travel tips It is recommended to stay at the foot of the mountain one day in advance and return on the same day when you go up the mountain the next day. The temperature difference between day and night is large, it snows on the mountain and rains under the mountain, please bring rain protection, wear moisture-proof clothing, shoes and hats. Snow toys on the mountain, snow shovel 20, snow car 60, can bring your own. There is no storage place in the mountain, it is recommended to travel light, you can bring some brightly colored hats and scarves for taking pictures. Children will wet their clothes when playing in the snow, it is recommended to bring a set of spare clothes. There is hot water supply on the mountain, there are instant noodles and sausages in the rest area, it is recommended to take the cable car to the top of the mountain, you can see the snow when you reach the top. You will encounter squirrels and monkeys in the mountains, who love nuts. Squirrels are gentle, monkeys will be fierce and grab food, please pay attention to safety when feeding.
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Posted: Feb 9, 2024
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