Ladies! Real shot Wawushan is snowing again

❄️ Wawushan is too romantic, today I took a group to Wawushan and the guests had a great time😃 Remember to collect the following guide. 🍀Travel guide Transportation: Navigate to Wawushan Scenic Area 1️⃣ It takes about three and a half hours to depart from Chengdu under normal circumstances it should be about 3 hours 2️⃣ The road conditions are okay but the road is not very wide, it is just a normal rural road in some places there are some pits on the road, friends who drive should pay more attention 3️⃣ You will often encounter some large trucks on the road, novice drivers are not recommended to go alone, safety is the most important 🍀Travel route Day1: Chengdu-Hongya-Wawu Lake-Qili Ping Resort Stay at Qili Ping Hot Spring Resort at night, you can also soak in a hot spring. Day2: Qili Ping-Wawushan-Chengdu The next morning go to Wawushan, return to Chengdu in the afternoon just right 😛Dining: There are only instant noodles and small biscuits for sale in the scenic area. There is nothing to eat. The outside of the scenic area is not delicious. I didn't eat delicious food. The price is slightly higher. Everyone is ready to eat instant noodles (we bought instant noodles when we bought them. Leaking, you can check the date when you buy it, friends who are convenient suggest bringing your own) 🍀Dress: 1️⃣ Although it is snowing, I don't feel particularly cold. Everyone just needs to take basic warming measures. 2️⃣ Strongly recommend bringing a woolen hat because it really hurts to blow your head after going up. Fortunately, I brought a hat that day. 3️⃣ Be sure to wear a pair of waterproof shoes, it is very uncomfortable to wet shoes and socks in the snow. 4️⃣ Girls who want to take pictures are recommended to wear light-colored and furry clothes. They are really photogenic!!!! 🍀Play: 1️⃣ Everyone must try to go into the forest to see. We just ran into the forest by chance. The snow inside is much thicker than the outside! And it's cleaner, but safety comes first. Don't go to places that are too dangerous. 2️⃣ Buy some small snow toys before you go, there is no sale on the mountain. 3️⃣ Strongly recommend everyone to bring an umbrella, whether it is snowing or not, it is very cold to wet the clothes. That's all~ If you have any questions, you can ask me
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 10, 2024
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