The surrounding area of Chengdu is filled with winter atmosphere and snow scenes! It's snowing heavily here~

I always want to go to snowy places to take pictures in winter This time I finally waited for the heavy snow in Wawushan! It's so photogenic! - ❄️Photo taking outfit suggestions: Black coat + blue scarf, or white clothes with red scarf or red gloves, or white hat... You can prepare a transparent umbrella for a more atmospheric photo~ - ❄️Scenic area route and play: ✅Take two cable cars🚠 directly to the top of the mountain, do not get off the cable car halfway through the second section ✅Arrive at the entrance of Zhuoshan Yun Road, we start the loop tour from the left 🔹Azalea Garden-Deadwood Path-Mandarin Duck Pool-Taiqing Palace-Cloud Cliff Phantom The sightseeing car on the top of the mountain is temporarily suspended due to the snow season, and the whole journey needs to be on foot, so do it according to your ability! 🔹If you have good physical strength, you can walk more routes to reach Xiang'er Villa, Starry Sky Camp, Lanxi Icefall... 🔹The various snow scenes along the way are really healing, you can go to the small snowman country and inside the azalea garden to play in the snow for free, bring your own board 🔹If you bring children, it is definitely recommended to bring a snowboard, it is very labor-saving to pull it all the way, there are many places where you can slide... 🔹Xiang'er Villa has many snow-playing projects, snowmobiles, children's playgrounds, assault boats, etc... - ‼️tips: 1. It's very cold when it snows in the mountains! Pay attention to keeping warm! 2. Must have anti-slip shoes, hats and scarves are indispensable! Otherwise, the hair will freeze and get wet... 3. Need waterproof gloves for playing in the snow, otherwise the hands will be very cold 4. There are places to buy snacks in the scenic area, and there are also snow-playing equipment! 5. There are many places to stay and eat near the scenic area, and there are also accommodations in the scenic area. It is particularly rushed to come and go in one day, and it is more recommended for a two-day and one-night itinerary! - 📍: Wawushan Scenic Area (Hongya County, Meishan City, Sichuan Province) 🚗: About 3 hours from Chengdu
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 14, 2024
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