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Address: Wawushan Scenic Area Route: Chengdu-Wawushan Scenic Area Cost: Scenic area ticket + Jinhua Bridge Cableway + Gufoping Cableway Scenic area tour route: 1. Take the Jinhua Bridge Cableway from the entrance of the scenic area to the middle of the mountain (you can occasionally encounter monkeys in the middle of the mountain) 2. Then take the Gufoping Cableway to the top of Wawushan Mountain, and you can walk the circular walking path at the top of the mountain: Cableway Station→Rhododendron Garden→Xiaoyao Bridge→Xiang'er Villa→(Depending on physical strength, you can choose to continue to Lanxi Waterfall, or return to Xiaoyao Bridge to walk the circular walking path) Xiaoyao Bridge→YuanYang Pool→Lantern Corridor→Cableway Station Note: To reach the Lanxi Waterfall, you need to follow the steps from Xiang'er Villa, and you need to return the same way after visiting. Recommended check-in points ①Rhododendron Garden--Watching the sunrise over the sea of clouds ②Xiang'er Villa--Looking east to Emei ③YuanYang Pool--My favorite spot ④Lanxi Waterfall--Ice waterfall check-in
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Posted: Feb 19, 2024
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