Luohe Ruisite Yizhi Hotel, with super high cost performance, everyone charge

💖💖Amazing! I can't bear to leave this hotel in Luohe! 💖💖Treasure hotel——Ruisite Yizhi Hotel (Luohe Food Academy Convention and Exhibition Center Store)! 🌟🌟 ❇️Address: 200 meters southwest of the intersection of Jinggangshan Road and Wenming Road, Yancheng District 💧Plus points: Convenient travel✅🚉Luohe West Station 9.2km‖Luohe Station 9.3km 🪐Nearby attractions: Shenzhou Bird🐦 Park_"A bird-watching park with Luohe culture as the background" Shali River Scenic Area 4A🆓(Open all year round) Xu Shen Culture Park🔥Displays Han Dynasty architecture and Chinese character culture🔥 Luohe Oceanarium (🈺9.00-17.30) and so on✨ ①🎊🎊【Monday to Sunday】7.00-9.30 provide free‖free‖free buffet breakfast💫🌪️ ②Wow❗The room environment is warm and comfortable💎The beds are soft and comfortable💎Directly sleep until dawn🧸 🔷Plus facilities: Free parking lot🅿️, chess and card room, and a free-to-use meeting room💨(Free fax/copying is also🉑heartwarming💗) 💬Note: The accommodation does not charge a deposit If you also have the chance to come to Luohe, don't miss this hotel! 🎉🎉 Yizhi Hotel
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Posted: Apr 9, 2024
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Ruist Yizhi Hotel(Luohe Food College store)

4.8/5Amazing193 reviews
Near Luohe Food Vocational College (North Campus), Luohe
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