"Seeking People in Vain • Father and Son of Su Family"

In the heroic and spiritual Meizhou, you can see the Minjiang River rushing towards the distance day and night on the old Peng Mountain.......... In Meishan City, there is a lovely old man who loves to drink, his face always flushed, generous and open-minded, known as: Su Xu! The old man often gets drunk and sings with his fellow villagers under the big tree, and he is famous locally! Here you can use Su Shi's "The old man is a little crazy, and his chest and gall are still open when he is drunk." to describe his grandfather. Next more famous is, his three sons Su Xun, also got three sons, the eldest son died early, at the age of twenty-seven got the second son Su Shi, and worked hard to study (people say that Su Dongpo is a literary star, even his father was influenced), two years later got another son Su Zhe. They grew up in the best period of the Song Dynasty, Emperor Renzong, this period of the literary world illuminated the entire Song Dynasty, this period of writers influenced the ages. The studious Su Xun named his sons Shi and Zhe, and his words summed up the life influence of the two brothers! He was quite disgusted with the flashy and obscure literary style of the time, coincidentally Ouyang Xiu was also launching an ancient literature movement in the capital. Zhang Fangping, who had been the prime minister, had a grudge with Ouyang Xiu, but still wrote a sincere letter recommending the three Sus, praising Su Xun's brilliant talent, a rare talent, capable of important tasks, and both sons were geniuses. Ouyang Xiu praised Su Xun's "Six Kingdoms Theory" as comparable to Jia Yi, and loved the Su Shi brothers even more, telling people around him: Thirty years later, no one will talk about the old man in the literary world, I will give way to him. Reluctantly leaving the Three Su Shrine, read the world's first love poem again, Zizhan in the distance remembered his love like this: Ten years of life and death are boundless, don't think about it, it's hard to forget. A thousand miles of lonely graves, nowhere to talk about desolation. Even if we meet, we should not know each other, dust on our faces, temples like frost. In the night, the dream suddenly returned to the hometown, the small Xuan window, just dressing up. Look at each other without words, only tears a thousand lines. Expect to break the intestines every year, the moonlit night, short pine ridge.
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Posted: Mar 27, 2024
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