The bustling Meishan Water Street, has it become so competitive?

Meishan Water Street, has the ancient street become so competitive? The Water Street was already beautiful under the sunset when I went there in the afternoon In the afternoon, you can gather around the stove to brew tea in the sunshine! Local people all come here to brew tea around the stove, it's so comfortable~ It's very beautiful at night, The lights make the night view very beautiful There are many restaurants in the stage area where you can eat while watching performances. That glowing Tree of Life is very pretty, It feels like being in some ancient costume drama TV series~ Dress up in Hanfu, take photos and check in, it's very photogenic~ You can also take a night boat tour~ Ticket🎫: 0 yuan Transportation: Self-driving, 40 minutes by high-speed train from Chengdu Name: Dongpo Impression Water Street
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Posted: Apr 9, 2024
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Dongpo Impression Water Street

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