Sichuan's severely underrated hidden gem of an ancient town, the vanished Noah's Ark!

Sichuan's severely underrated hidden gem of an ancient town, the vanished Noah's Ark!|||Just 1h away from Chengdu by 🚄, the town of Qianwei hides a little-known ancient town One would expect a quiet ancient town, but it's full of life and bustle... - It's not commercialized here; the town is filled with locals who chat and drink tea The architectural style of the Ming and Qing dynasties is still preserved to this day Because the main street resembles a ship, it's known as the 'hidden Noah's Ark' - 📍Luocheng Ancient Town 🚄1h from Chengdu to 🚉Qianwei Station, then a 15min taxi ride↔️ 🚗Direct access by car navigation, parking available at the ancient town🅿️ - 📷The main photo spots in the ancient town are along the boat-shaped street Tea by the street, the narrow sky, the ancient opera stage, overlooking from the rooftops of old houses📷... The old street with its lively atmosphere, culture, and architecture is photogenic from any angle!! The tea houses and restaurants on the street are bustling, and they fill up quickly when it's mealtime If you want to avoid the crowds, you can also take a walk by the river It's not crowded there, but it adds a bit more tranquility... - The ancient town isn't very big; it only takes about half an hour to stroll through, and you can sit down for some tea It's close to Leshan, so you can easily visit there as well!! If you've been cooped up in tall buildings for too long, come and wander through the old streets with their lively atmosphere...
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Posted: Apr 5, 2024
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