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Zhong Mountain Square

Zhong Mountain Square

4.5/539 Reviews
0.7 mi from downtown
"Located in the center of Chengdu, Chunxi Road is a must-visit place for tourists to Chengdu. Even if you don’t like shopping, there are a variety of local Sichuan snacks and exotic dishes, such as Zhongshui Dumplings, Lai Tangyuan, Husband’s Lung Slices, Long Chaoshou Almost all of the main stores are here, and there are always a variety of hot pot skewers, which are always in line, and the standards are all middle and upper, and the materials are clean and fresh. Secondly, Chunxi Road is the best place to see handsome and beautiful women in Chengdu. It is also the busiest commercial pedestrian street in Chengdu. It is a good place to experience the nightlife of Chengdu. When you’re tired of shopping, you can sit in the coffee shop on the side of the street to watch the scenery, or watch the glimpses of the road surface, as well as sightseeing cars along the way. Take Metro Line 2 (in the direction of Xipu) to Chunxi Road Station, Exit C and walk less than 1 km to Chunxi Road Zhongshan Square, which is the center of Chunxi Road. The square is small. In the middle is a sitting bronze statue of Sun Yat-sen. Sun Yat-sen holds the "Outline of the Founding of the People's Republic" in his left hand and strokes the armrest of the chair with his right hand. This bronze statue is 72 years old. At the back are the words "Gong is the world" mentioned by Mr. Sun Yat-sen. Many tourists take pictures here. Those who come to Chunxi Road must not forget to come here to pay tribute to the great Mr. Sun Yat-sen. I am clockwise, an older youth who loves to travel, photography, and clock in. Traveling is a compulsory course in my life and an indispensable part of my life. I love to take photos at will and share my journey. Experience and experience, if you think my notes are helpful to you, please feel free to give a compliment."