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Dangling Scenic Spot

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"Nature Reserves"
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31.7 mi from Danba, Jinchuan
"Untitled Document Dangling is located in Bianer Township, Danba County, about 60 kilometers away from the county seat, with beautiful scenery. In the scenic area, there are more than 30 mountain lakes containing smoke and condensed blue, such as Huluhai, Zhuoyongcuo, Macuo, Siagne, and Ayumutuo. They are embedded in the valley, like a five-colored mirror. The more famous ones in the scenic area are Ganhaizi, Huluhai and Dahaizi. Huluhai is a lake that is relatively easy to reach and has more ornamental value. The road to Dahaizi is difficult. It is recommended to prepare hiking tools. There are lush vegetation around Ganhaizi and Huluhai, while Dahaizi is like the five-color sea in Daocheng. , like the milk sea, because the altitude is too high, the surrounding is desolate. Dangling Hot Spring is about 3 to 4 kilometers along the direction of the forest farm, and there are two hot springs. One is the Mu Ri episode with a strong sulphur smell, which means gunpowder bath in Tibetan; the other is the Buka episode with a large lawn around it, which means lawn bath in Tibetan. The two hot springs have continuous water flow all year round, and the temperature of the water outlet can reach as high as about 76 degrees Celsius. The hot spring pool is surrounded by dense virgin forest, and the scenery is very beautiful. Paradise Valley is located between Dangling Village, Bian'er Township, and a bridge between Lianghekou and Dandong Township. Every October, the first frost falls on the peaks and valleys of Paradise Valley, and Lin Tao and the sea of trees below the snow line are dressed in autumn clothes. Fiery red maple leaves, emerald green pines and cypresses, golden birch forests complement the blue sky, white clouds and snow-capped peaks. In the autumn of Paradise Valley, like the exquisite classic paintings painted by the masters of art, you can't believe that the beauty you see in your eyes actually exists. Visiting time: Dangling is generally played in April to May, when it is the rainy season, and the mountains and plains of Gesang are in full bloom. If you go in autumn, you can choose after October 10, because the autumn color of Dangling is a little later than other places. At that time, the green trees in the mountains will be replaced by golden yellow and bright red, and they will be displayed in the scorching autumn sun, showing a colorful splendor, and the scenery is very charming. Transportation: 1. In Danba County, a small van enters Dangling, which can take 4 to 6 people, and the journey takes more than four hours. This kind of minivan is available on the streets, you need to ask them if they can enter Dangling; but not every car is willing to go, because the whole gravel road will damage the car very much. It takes about 3 to 5 days to play in Dangling. After calculating the time, you can ask the driver when to come to Dangling to pick you up. 2. Danba Hotel has a daily shuttle bus to and from Dangling, leaving at 7 o'clock in the morning and returning at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. CMB, the car is relatively broken, but it saves the trouble of chartering a car, which is more convenient. 3. The car from the county seat to Dandong Township passes through Bian'er, or you can get off at Lianghekou 5 kilometers after Bian'er, and then walk 20 kilometers to Dangling. Accommodation: There are tent camps in Dangling Scenic Area for tourists to stay, with limited reception capacity, only about 50 people. You can also choose to stay in the village chief's house or a Tibetan home for one night. Catering: Dangling's resources are extremely scarce. Before entering Dangling, it is recommended to buy some meat, vegetables, rice noodles, and snacks. Tips: 1. The weather in Dangling is extremely cold, so pay attention to cold protection. If you are camping on the airfield or the seaside, you have to pay more attention. The altitude of Dangling Valley gradually rises from 3,000 meters upward, and anti-altitude sickness drugs, sunglasses, hats, etc. can be prepared. It is cold at night, so bring cold clothing. 2. The communication environment in Dangling is bad, there is no mobile phone signal, and even the village and forest farm have no telephone. Conditional people may wish to bring a walkie-talkie, GPS positioning system and so on. 3. From Dangling Village to Sanhaizi, due to the rugged mountain road, you need to pay attention to safety when riding, and you must dismount and walk on dangerous roads and downhill roads. And due to the long riding time, you should choose a suitable horse and saddle. 4. The water in Haizi is extremely cold, and even the villagers dare not go down to swim, so please do not try it lightly."