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Olympic Tower/Olympic Stadium's Observatory

Olympic Tower/Olympic Stadium's Observatory

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"Observation Decks"
Ranked #8 in Montreal Instagram-Worthy Locations
842m from downtown
"The main venue of the 1976 Montreal Olympics is much older than I am. The scale on the ground is not as big as I imagined. It is true that the world cannot be worse than these decades. Let's talk about a few interesting things 1 If you think that opening the Olympics is a business that earns money without losing money, then you are wrong. But I thought so before that. Otherwise, who is fine and always thinking about bidding? But the Olympic Games in 1976 is said to have burdened the city of Mongolia for 30 years. Years of high foreign debts were not fully paid off until after 2000, etc. Why is it a city instead of a whole country... I don’t know and I’m not embarrassed to ask. 2 The main venue and its tower were designed by a French designer. It was originally an outdoor venue with an openable ceiling. It is said that the ceiling has never been opened again due to design flaws after being closed once. 3 The height of the athlete’s village is 20 floors. However...there is a lift in the wood, hahaha, how do I think this section has been watched in which cartoon? So the paragraph says that if you have the ability to win cards before the world ranking exam, then you live The high-level will be a high probability event, you know, but it’s said that at that Olympics, Canada didn’t get a gold medal. It’s really ah hahaha let me smile for a while"