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Waipoua ForestNearby City

Waipoua Forest

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"Waipoua Forest, in the original itinerary, was the end of this trip to New Zealand. The reason is no other reason. Far North was originally a place north of Auckland that was a loop but could not be parted. The journey started in the majestic MT Taranaki. The beauty of Waipoua Forest is perfect for me. Of course, I came here to take a good look at KAURI. Now the highest tree species in the world, here is the largest existing Kauri forest in New Zealand, and the tallest trees are also here. Tane Mahuta and Te Matua Ngahere, the so-called "king of the forest" and "father of the forest", are naturally the focus of attention. The king is the highest, exceeding 50 meters, which is amazing, but in terms of the degree of shock, it is still the father. Te Matua Ngahere suddenly appeared in front of you. You must have thought that it was not a tree, but a hill. With a long life of 2000 years, you have to marvel at the greatness of nature. "Four Sisters" is not surprising if you look at them one by one. The forest is thicker than them, but it is also a miracle if they grow up so close and intimately to the present. "Cathedral Grove" is an incremental version of "Four Sisters". On the only way to see "Yakas", there are sometimes doubts. "Yakas" is only the seventh Kauri, and it takes nearly 1.5 hours to go back and forth. , Why do all people still go to see him? The reason is simple. He is the only one among the big guys that is allowed to approach and touch. For this alone, it is worth your special trip. Even if the light is almost obscured by a few bosses, there are still many beautiful kauri trees in the forest. They are tall or strong, and some are even white. The origin of the name of kauri, you look at the texture of the trunk, it should be Will understand. Waipoua Forest was bought from Maori for more than 2,000 pounds in 1876. It is impossible to verify why it should be bought and why it should be sold. Such a natural treasure house changed hands. Maori would never know how precious what they lost?"