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Things To Do in Biei-cho

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vivienvivienMichi-cho is a town in Kamikawa County, Hokkaido, located in the middle of Asahikawa City, the second city in Hokkaido, and Furano City, famous for its lavender. The michi-cho has a similar street and rural landscape in Europe. The vast hilly terrain, quiet and stable hills and the beautiful scenery of Hanada during summer, become the most famous tourist attraction in Hokkaido area, attracting about 1.5 million tourists a year.
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vivienvivienThe hills of four seasons have a vast area of 15 hectares of beautiful flowers, like a seven-color rainbow-like carpet, different seasons, different patterns. Every year from late April to late October, on the rolling hills, tulips, lavender, sunflowers and more than 30 flowers open, far from the view, colorful, like the painter's palette.
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夜樱1206The beautiful scenery of Hokkaido is countless. Biei is the most beautiful in Japan. Mistake. You can't see the hills and flower fields in winter. Let's take a look at the Blue Pond! The Blue Pond is really beautiful, and it’s even more beautiful after it snows. I went there in the winter of 2014. It was a bus to and from. Please remember the time!
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翱翔的大鲨鱼The road from the Tree of Ken and Mary to the Tree of Seven Stars in the north of Biei, Hokkaido is called the Patchwork Road. This patchwork road runs along gentle hills and is surrounded by fields, so the line of sight is not blocked. Not only the Ken and Mary Tree, the Seven Star Tree and the adjacent parent-child tree, but also the Seven Star Hill in the depths and the Tokachi Mountain on the back. The colorful colors seem to make people see the idyllic scenery of Europe instead of feeling it. In Japan, it is a tourist attraction that represents Biei.
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odi***81Meima Niu, this small station that has always made me feel a little mysterious because of the lack of people, finally came to experience it in person. After exiting the station, turn right and cross the railway to the mountain hut rental car shop. I saw on the Internet that I borrowed bicycles for children under 140cm. The 7-year-old daughter was excited and insisted on riding by herself. When I got there, I found out that it was a two-wheeler. My daughter could only ride on four-wheelers. The boss suggested a very small car and said only one. My daughter liked it too. So we rode to Siji Caizhi. Adults in this car dealer’s cars are assisted, but children’s cars are not available. Simply the road is relatively flat, and the six-kilometer journey back and forth, my daughter is tired but satisfied. The scenery along the way is really comfortable. I also passed the Mei Ma Niu Primary School. ,quite pretty. Although Meima Niu is a very small station, the toilets outside the station are very clean. Also, on the day we went to Meima Niu station, there was a grandpa inspector.
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City Park
C-xiao-tongKitanishi No Oka Observation Park is an important spot on the Patchwork Road. It is said that when you come in July, you can also photograph lavender here. But when we came in August, we could only see the green wheat waves. I don’t know whether it is wheat waves or not. I don’t know what crops it is, but it’s just a large area of green waves rippling with the wind and the scenery is very charming. You can overlook the Tokachidake Mountain Range of Daisetsuzan, which is refreshing.

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Shirogane Blue PondBiei-cho,Japan

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White Birch StreetBiei-cho,Japan

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Biei ShrineBiei-cho,Japan

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Shinei Hills Prospect ParkBiei-cho,Japan

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Kanno FarmBiei-cho,Japan

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Biruke no MoriBiei-cho,Japan

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Want to retrace steps to the beautiful scenes in the ads? Must-do in Biei Biei offers the most beautiful country-side in Japan. It is the setting for many well-known Japanese TV commercials. In the summer, the Biei is usually visited together with Furano. The colorful seasons of the dazzling hills are a must-see for tourists. It is recommended to ride around on the bicycle.
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Here are the best places to visit in Biei-cho, including: Biei,Shikisai no Oka,Blue Pond

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