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Oriental Salt Lake City

4.6/52,216 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area

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No. 9 Yuxian Road, Xueyu Town, Jintan District, Changzhou City
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About Oriental Salt Lake City

Eastern Salt Lake City Scenic Area is located in the holy land of Taoism of China — Maoshan Mountain of Jintan. The park is divided into several themes, namely geology, religion, and culture. The park has a kilometer-long Taoist street, where you can visit various kinds of exhibition halls and see wonderful folk performances. At night, you can go to a waterfront bar and experience the night in the mountains. The Xiquan Pagoda offers a place to worship multiple protective gods. There, you can pray for good luck and make wishes. Rafting at the underground palace of the Kun garden is a great choice during the hot summer times.

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  • 二大妹砸

    During the holidays, the family took their children out for a driving tour. The towns around Jiangsu have already been there. This time, they chose Oriental Salt Lake City with the idea of trying. Unexpectedly, this place was totally unexpected to me. The children and their families had a good time. The whole resort is based on Taoist culture. The scenic area is backed by Maoshan Mountain. It has a feeling of a mountain town. The environment in the scenic area is very good and quiet. After living once, it feels especially suitable for holidays or short residences. Dad usually works under a lot of pressure. He feels very comfortable when he comes here. He likes to hang around in the morning. The air is good and quiet. When he is tired of walking, he goes to three teahouses to drink tea. He feels very depressed. He always says that this place is well chosen and he likes it very much. There are some characteristic museums in the scenic area, and some carving paper, stone painting crafts, with the baby experience, not only let the baby grow insights, but also these manual links have stimulated the baby's initiative, feeling that this experiential small teaching is more direct, efficient and more interesting, the baby also has fun. Maybe it's because we stay here, almost all the manual experience halls are free, and we can take our own handicraft works home and make a memorial for our children. It feels that this way is too humane ~like ~also has a very suitable project for mothers to play. During the day, we go to experience the museum to learn how to fold flowers and arrange flowers, and we can meet some other tours. The swimming mothers chatted with them about their babies'interesting stories. They had a special salt bath in the evening. It was not too comfortable. After soaking, they felt refreshed. The skin felt much better. It was white, slippery and tender. It feels that the project of Shanzhen is very suitable for parent-child tours. There are many performances and features. The favorite one is hip-hop. The family sits in the theatre and watches this kind of light comedy. The live-person stage performance is simple and straightforward. The baby can understand it. The laughter is not closed, and the family atmosphere is not too proud.~~

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    Reviewed on 1548920954000
  • 好好的世界

    From a busy year ago to a busy year later, I finally have time to travel with my family. May Day holiday, the scenic area is crowded with people everywhere, so I took my wife and children back home to look after my parents. On the weekend after May 1st, I took my family to drive around Oriental Salt Lake City. Starting from Changzhou, go directly to the elevated road, walk directly from the elevated road in front of Changhong Road to S39 and then turn S38. Then go directly from Maoshan intersection to the high-speed road, turn right after the high-speed to S340 about five minutes, the whole journey is about an hour or more. When we arrived at the scenic spot, we thought we had to walk to the scenic spot. Unexpectedly, there was a free barge service in the scenic spot. We immediately felt tall and humane. Short barge directly to the gate, originally wanted to buy tickets directly, but found that you can deal with resident card (annual card), ticket 200 yuan, annual card only 288 yuan, decisively decided to and his wife two people to do an annual card, the child is less than 1.2 meters tall does not need to buy tickets. The annual card is handled quickly and the girl who serves is polite and enthusiastic, which deserves to be produced by the Dinosaur Garden. As soon as you enter the scenic spot, you will first feel that you have come to the mountain town. The paved stone pavement is full of ground. Some Taoist tricks are engraved on the rocks, which is very impressive. Then I went to Daofeng Street and watched the performance of morning bells and evening drums. It was interesting to walk inside the pavilions with some themes. Especially with the help of the on-site attendants'explanations and multimedia interactive experience, I also enjoyed the service of free voice interpreters in an exhibition hall dedicated to Gehong, the salt god. The more interesting pavilions were Jintan Paper Carving Art Hall, Idiom Interactive Experience Hall and Tao Hall. Cultural Museum, Salt God Gehong Exhibition Hall, Sex Museum (I take turns with my children to see the fuck, the children do not recommend to bring in to see, more adult, at least I think so). In fact, I would like to live in the mountain dwelling in the scenic area, but I have to go back to Changzhou the next day to do business. Before that, I learned that the six mountain dwellings, hot spring hotels and style hotels in the scenic area are all good. I went to pretend to book rooms and visited them, which is very special. At noon in a restaurant called Juxianlou, the owner of Changzhou opened a very enthusiastic restaurant to introduce us to the scenic spot. A family of three ordered appetizer soup, fried meat, cock, special steak, stewed tofu, more than 100 pieces, the amount is substantial. Before dinner, I watched some road shows and theme tour performances in scenic spots, which were very good. In the afternoon, I went to the project experience area, which was a bit like the dinosaur garden. I watched the Sky Screen Cinema, the drifting children who were 1.4 meters tall and didn't play outside to see the children. I was also happy. The Magic Theatre of Water and Fire God Wars, the interactive water village, Yinyang Fishpond, Fengling Gallery and so on. I was totally exhausted around 4 p.m. On the way, I stopped a sightseeing bus and bought two tickets. I took it infinitely many times. When I heard that the night was good, I took a ride around the restaurant at noon to have a rest and have lunch. Around seven o'clock, the lights in the scenic area are basically turned on. The night scene is called a word, beautiful! There are pictures to prove that I really want to stay. All in all, I feel very satisfied one day, the children and wife are very happy, next time I take a rest and reserve a mountain house for another two days and one night of in-depth experience. I hope my visit can give you some advice.

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    Reviewed on 1463242902000
  • 137****2790

    The hotel is Xiangyun Inn. It has more than 700 nights on Saturdays, including two mornings, two tickets and free electric cars. Starting from the registration of admission, every staff I met, the service attitude of the hotel attendants is not inferior to that of the five-star hotels, which makes people feel very comfortable. The whole park is playing a very empty music, so that the impetuous heart instantly quiet down. The street and all kinds of decorations on both sides, plants are very suitable for the scenery, exquisite. There are not many main people, so they can play very leisurely. The restaurant at Maoshan Treasure House, where we had dinner, had two small orders of meat and two vegetable, 170 yuan, which tasted good. It was dark outside the restaurant and was shocked by the night view of the ancient town. Even the 5-year-old son could not help saying that it was too beautiful. I remember to make an appointment at 7:30 p.m. "Hip-hop Road" first. It's so wonderful and funny. Sitting in the first row will be pulled up and interacted. The next day, I wander around, eat snacks in the food street, and there are several bars along the river where I can drink and sing. The performance at 1:30 p.m. "Landscape Situation" is also very exciting, remember to make an appointment. Water world is the favorite of children. The toilets in the scenic area are clean, and the five-star toilets should be accessible. All in all, one night is strongly recommended. The attitudes of the service personnel and the night scenery of the scenic spot are the biggest highlights. There are two performances to be seen.

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    Reviewed on 1480853913000
  • 超人GC

    The newly opened scenic spot in 2016, inadvertently seen on the Internet, went by the Eleventh holiday. Reservation 2 weeks in advance, the room is almost empty, including double early, double tickets, scenic area battery car. 10.3 noon to the scenic spot, 10.4 night to leave, more people in the daytime, to the evening scenic spot, very few people, very quiet. Sleep into the morning, the morning is very suitable for photography, less people and good light. There are plenty of road shows and performances in the scenic area. Landscape and Hip-hop Road need to be booked on the self-service machine of Maoyan Mansion in advance.

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    Reviewed on 1476328856000
  • M36****230

    Last weekend, I went with my friends mainly to find a different place to relax. As a result, there were a lot of interesting places here, which were totally beyond expectation. Because the night scenery was beautiful before, and some performances such as the night light show were also worth watching, so we stayed here for one night and were free of tickets. We arrived in the morning, just in time for the morning bell and dusk drum. The music and dance were very good. At first glance, it looks like all of them are antique buildings, people dressed in antique Taoist costumes, antique shops, and some artists'road shows, along with the music that has been playing, as if they really came to the world of martial arts. There are a lot of food here. We ate in Maoshan Treasure House. Four dishes and one soup cost only about 200 yuan. It's very economical. The landlady and the service staff are very friendly and beautiful. It's worth visiting. With the room card here, we take a free sightseeing bus to stroll around the scenic spot. There are many cultural exhibition halls like carved Museum in the commercial street, and free guides to explain. Here we opened the mode of eating and strolling, while wandering to see the performance, while tasting the Xiaoyao cake, Huaiwang Shutofu brain, such authentic food, very relaxing day. The most surprising thing is that at night, the night scene of Salt Lake City is really super beautiful, each frame is very eye-catching. Colorful, different shapes, exquisite lanterns, very surprising. There are also professional acrobatics team performing high-difficulty performances such as Tielohan, jar top, shrinkage bone, etc. It is very lively. We also saw the long-admired shadow show, lighting up the entire Taiji Square. A "hip-hop way" performance at 7:30 p.m., a comedy performance combining hip-hop, Tai Chi and martial arts, is very funny. It's worth seeing. When we get back to the Inn at night, we can hear people playing more outside. It's really the best immersion experience. Generally speaking, the trip to Salt Lake City was very good.

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    Reviewed on 1548917113000
  • 一个旅孩子

    On Friday afternoon, I drove from Shanghai to Oriental Salt Lake City with my boyfriend. That night, I turned around the scenic spot and stayed in the Inn directly. We chose the Insect 2 Inn in the scenic area, which is a couple hotel, meaning "the wind and the moon are boundless". Usually, my boyfriend and I are busy at work, and the pressure of working in Shanghai is great. Usually, either he or I work overtime, let alone have any physical and mental communication. In a word, this hotel is really suitable for couples. (Save 10,000 words of driving text.) Breakfast is arranged in the hotel the next morning. It tastes good. Weekend couples are most suitable for relaxation in this place. During the day, they walk around various pavilions in the scenic area, and there are special sightseeing cars to pick up and deliver them. But I want to remind you that we must take a pair of comfortable sneakers, because people walk on big stones, upstream and downhill uneven. It's very easy to fall if you don't wear comfortable shoes. Tourist bus tour routes - "(9:30-22:00) A line - "(9:30-22:00) A line - "mountain town entrance and exit station - "mountain town entrance and exit station - "mountain town entrance and exit station - "mountain residence - - Taofu -- Taofu -- Taofu -- Taiji Plaza -- Taofu -- Taiji Plaza -- Salt Spring Plaza -- Salt Spring HalHall -- Salt Spring HalHall -- QiantiaqiqiqiyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiqiyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuThe results of this study are as follows:1. Walking around the area will encounter street performances and trembling performances. The specific performance time can be seen on the official public number of the scenic area. There are hip-hop performances in the indoor martial arts hall, and performances in the holy place of auspicious salt in the salt deposit. Also, when you stay in the evening, you can hear someone calling to say something like "dry day, watch out for candles". In addition to various performances, you can also visit museums. Every museum is very suitable for taking photos, especially the rocks in the salt deposit are very beautiful and the girls are full of heart. The trip with my boyfriend was very enjoyable. In fact, there are still places in the scenic area where you can take the trails. The staff will tell you where to go patiently. Looking forward to playing with my parents next time.

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    Reviewed on 1549001452000
  • 贪吃大脸猫

    The place where the weeds have been weeded for a long time has finally gone. Because it's still under construction, there are no buses around it. It's most convenient to drive by oneself. It's under Maoshan Export. According to the Five Elements and Eight Diagrams, different districts are divided, mainly Taoist culture. There are all kinds of performances, but most of them are suspended on Monday, so try to avoid Monday. There are six theme hotels in the scenic area, including Hot Spring Hotel and Insect 2 Hotel, which have many choices. We booked two tickets in the hotel and took the sightseeing bus infinitely. Generally speaking, if you have enough time, you'd better stay in it for one night. The night scenery is also beautiful.

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    Reviewed on 1482476971000
  • heyjeans

    It's a good place to build and the scenery is good, but I think it's enough to bring the children once, because it's not very playable. There are only two large-scale recreational facilities. But I had a good time. The first thing I recommend to you is to buy a battery car on your left hand for 30 yuan. Then go to Wuyangguan to make an appointment for 1:30 of the scenery and hip-hop, which is very important. You can make an appointment to sit in the first row early. Then go to the movies, the first scene at 10:00, and play rafting. There are fewer people, so when I play these museums in the morning, I can see them slowly.

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    Reviewed on 1471751071000
  • 你是木头1986

    The last evaluation of Salt Lake City was not finished because of the word limit, and because the first one did not know that Ctrip could not be edited and added to the evaluation, today is empty, I would like to add the points of attention, hope that the friends who intend to visit can not be worthwhile. (1) Earthquake minefield at 9:30 or 10 am, there is "morning bell and evening drum" is a mountain ceremony, in fact, it is also for tourists. You'd better not miss the welcome ceremony. (2) Salt Salt Dance is wonderful. The eight abdominal muscles of flying brothers in the air catch people's eyes. They have one in the morning and one in the evening. They missed it in the morning, maybe around 11 o'clock, and the one in the afternoon is 3:30. (3) The architecture of Kanshui method is very beautiful, and there are many small fountains, which are very suitable for photography. Because of water play, children will prefer that place. (4) The scenic spot is not very big, so don't be frightened by the entrance. There is no need to buy the tour bus at all. There is plenty of time to stop and walk for a day. In addition, there are many chairs for tourists to rest in the scenic area. When you buy tickets for the tour bus, you will feel very wasteful. (5) The scenic spot Maoshan style entrance has a very famous Xiaoyao cake, which tastes good, but it's better to have freshly baked pork onion cake. First, I ordered a HALF-HOT pork with three delicious flavors, and then I was unwilling to eat a freshly baked pork onion. (6) Everything in the scenic area is clearly marked. It's slightly more expensive than outside. Drinks like Sprite and Coke are 6 yuan a bottle. It's the same price whether it's a vending machine or a small shop in the scenic area. So it's not pleasant to look at the scenery with less snacks or heavy things on your back. (7) Try not to eat in restaurants in scenic spots. The cost-effective rate is not high, except for tourists who follow the group. There are many snack shops at the entrance of Maoshan Style, such as bean flower, wonton and so on. (8) There are many interactive experiences in the scenic area. Free carvings can be made in the paper flower array. There are also hand-printed fortune telling machines in the Taoist Cultural Museum, which are very interesting. (9) The Devil's Palace is a Chinese haunted house. Six people go in in groups. Sometimes the queue is very long. Anyway, I dare not open my eyes all the way. I can't say how frightening it is. (10) Qiantianqiu is a place to watch 5D movies, which seems to be held every half hour. Kundi Valley has a drifting experience, but unfortunately I went to the time of equipment maintenance, did not play. There was a performance at 4 p.m. away from the fire mirror. There was a fire and water fight, but it was not good. It was a pity to miss it. (11) "Landscape Situation" and "Hip-hop Road" are said to be very beautiful, they all need to buy tickets in advance, so they can't be seen in time. In addition, "Hip-hop Road" will cost another 50 tickets, so save the money of the tour bus and add some more. (12) It is said that the night scenery is very beautiful. Unfortunately, without accommodation this time, we will not be able to enjoy it. When the second and third phases of the project are completed, we have to find an opportunity to go again.

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    Reviewed on 1506174172000
  • Aummern-萱

    Drive from home through Maoshan to Oriental Salt Lake City. The parking lot is very large, and there are staff commands. It takes only a few minutes by bus to enter the entrance of Oriental Salt Lake City. Feel tall. Tickets bought online. Verify admission with two-dimensional code. It's very convenient to hold the guidebook of scenic spots. Bridges flowing, pavilions and pavilions. The deepest impression is the misty little waterfall, the most unforgettable drop is Leifeng Hall 10. Six people went into the ghost house together. The props were realistic, frightening and exciting. I also went to the Qiantianqiu to watch the movie of the sky curtain. The chair vibration effect was full. Museums of all kinds. Hotel. Snack street. Taste the tofu flower. It's worth it this time.

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    Reviewed on 1459078447000
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