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Architecture & Landmarks
Lutusi Yamen

Lutusi Yamen

4.3/540 Reviews
Open from 1/1-12/31,9:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"The former site of the Lu Tsuji Tumen, the key cultural relics protection unit in the country, is composed of Tumen, Garden and Myoin Temple. Tumen is the official and the residence of the Tusi family, the north facing south, one into several courtyards, covering more than 13,500 square meters. There are 226 buildings, the building area of 5397 square meters, with strong ethnic style. The main building on the axis has the big Zhao wall, archway, six doors, yimen, lobby, yanxitang and ancestor hall. On the two sides of the courtyard are arranged corridor room, wing room and accessories. On the east side are two halls, study and inner house, and on the west side are Okura in temple and Dama. The lobby is the place where the Secretary of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry The grand architecture of the lobby not only occupied the most important building space, but also mobilized various means in the layout and structure to entrust its solemn and solemn atmosphere, which embodies the central position and supreme feudal authority of the toast in the area. The ancestor hall was built by the wife of the first world toji tokukai during the Ming Dynasty, and it was originally called the loyalty hall, but later the hall dedicated to the paintings of successive generations of the chief priests. The ancestor hall is a seven-story building with two-story Xieshan Mountain, which still maintains the typical two-segment structure of the Ming Dynasty. The planar layout of the "Golden Bottom Slot" formed by two inner and outer circles of 36 octagonal drawing nets is the original object of the early Ming Dynasty, which is very rare in the ancient buildings of northwest China. Close to the northeast of Tuen Mun is about 10,000 square meters of Lu Tusi Garden, the building inside the garden has "thousand eye view flower" doors and windows of the green shrine and wine on the wind of the eight staples, and there are to access and climb the high mountain stone, green shrine in front of the two large and small meteor stone. The garden contains ancient trees grown in the Ming Dynasty and various fruit trees, flowers and bonsai. The Miaoyin Temple, near the west of Tuen Mun, was built by the Lu Tsuji, which had the greatest impact on the Ganqing border, the most statues, the most fine murals - a temple. Its buildings are ragged, staggered, shiny, self-constructed. Various carvings are very meticulous, the mural composition is vivid and natural, some temple ridges set up gold-plated copper bottles, for the nearby areas rare. The main buildings are the Dai Jingtang, Da Jingtang, Zen Sang Jingtang, Banzai Hall, Tal Hall, Gulong Palace, Kongang Hall and Eagle Hall. Myoin Temple has a great influence in Gansu-religion, and the 5th Panchen, 6th and 7th have been to the temple to do Buddhist work. After liberation, the famous religious people such as Banque Erdeni Kjegijianzan, Jiamuyang Lausanne Kyumei, Tudan Kjenima, Gong Tangcang Danbewangzan all visited the temple. "
Huanghe RopewayNearby City

Huanghe Ropeway

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"Cable Car"
Open from 9:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"Every time my son goes to the Baita Mountain to sit down the Yellow River Cableway, the Yellow River Cableway across the Yellow River thrilling and beautiful scenery, is a lot of visitors to Lanzhou must punch card experience projects. Lanzhou, the only city in the country to cross the Yellow River, has been known as the "Yellow River Capital". Pentium and surging Yellow River across the city, to the city, to add a unique scenery. Lanzhou Yellow River Cableway across the river - known as the "first cable of the Yellow River in the world". Souji Search Word Search Word Baidu Encyclopedia Lanzhou Yellow River Cableway shares your world in Lanzhou, Gansu, August 1994, I have to say I want to share my insights, click Publish  Lanzhou, Central location of China - a beautiful western city. Lanzhou, the only city across the Yellow River in the country. The Chinese name Lanzhou Yellow River Cableway is located in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, in the climate conditions of the northern temperate zone semi-arid continental monsoon climate opening time in August 1994 in the form of a single line pulsation The Cableway of the Circular Suspension Cableway Rapid Navigation Establishment Time Map Information Introduction  The cableway transits over 150 kilometers of the Yellow River and is nearly 40 kilometers in the urban area. Lanzhou has the nickname of "the Yellow River Capital". The Pentium and the Yellow River crossed the city, giving the city a unique view. The Lanzhou Yellow River Cableway, known as the "First Cableway of the Yellow River", spans the river. The cableway was built and operated in 1994, and is a single-line pulsating circular cableway with four groups of suspended carriages, each of which can be used for six passengers. The height difference of the ropeway and the station is 157 meters, and the two stations are 1041 meters flat, with the operation speed of 2-4 meters/sec. The lower station of the ropeway is located in the middle section of the green corridor of Nanbinhe Road, the north section of the city center, the east is adjacent to the Zhongshan Yellow River Tieqiao, the west is Baiyunguan, Lanzhou Water Car park, the Yellow River mother, The north spans the scenic White Tower Mountain; the upper station is located on the west side of the Peony Pavilion in the White Tower Mountain Park. Take the Yellow River Cableway, fly over the endless Yellow River, sky over the peaks and tops, the tower hills towering, the mountains are tree-lined, birds and flowers, the scenery is pleasant, And has the famous white tower temple and other ancient buildings, so that natural landscape and human landscape integration, known as "Lanzhou Hebei body painting screen", every year there are countless tourists to visit the sightseeing tour."