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12 things to do found in Ziyuan
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Observation Deck
Observation DeckNearby City

Observation Deck

4.5/5478 Reviews
"Observation Deck"
Xijiang Miao Village Top 1 in Amazing Nighttime Views
Open all day (Local time)
"Come to Miao Village to see a sunset! In the Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village observation platform, overlooking the whole village, beautiful landscape, with the color of the rays of the rays, shining on the stacks of hanging feet, against the Miao Village's gentle, quiet, beautiful. Standing on the observation platform can overlook the Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village panorama, Baishui River like a jade belt waist, Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village is divided into two, the village is built on 70 degrees of high slope, spectacular, night thousands of lights, bright lights, let people sigh. The whole Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village is like a beautiful picture, let people linger. When night falls, Xijiang's big play just started. Hundreds of lights lit from under the eaves of wooden hanging towers, dotted and drawn the outline of the whole Miao Village, a cow's head shape, it is difficult to imagine a mountain village, such a bright picture. Recommended to visit the observation deck before sunset, with the nightfall, can overlook the Miao Village light changes, the sky-stars like the Wanjia lantern worth to see! Tourist tips: Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village Viewing Platform Address: Qianhu Miao Village, Xijiang, Leishan County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province; Opening time: 1. Scenic Area tickets and opening all day. 2. Sightseeing car operation time: 24 hours from North Service Area to Xiaobeimen, upper and lower observation deck early 8:00-24:00. Tickets: Qianhu Miaozhai Package includes scenic tickets, scenic sightseeing tickets (4 times), observation decks, museums, Guzangtou, live road, embroidery, batik, winery performance venues, 110 yuan / person (when we went to Guizhou Tourism Benefits Activities 5%). Tickets and tickets are valid within the same day; that is, from the time of purchase of tickets, within the day can enter the scenic spot with tickets, each attraction can only enter the park once. Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village Tourist Line Total Raiders: cherish the evening time, evening 6-8: 15 is the most beautiful photo, I saw the dusk of Miao Village, I don't think that the day is nothing! Entrance: North Gate (i.e. direction of Kaili) (i) National Customs Tour A Line: North Gate Yaojinggu Street, Yao Li Yufu (appreciating peasant paintings) Yaogu Tibetan head house and Gu Tibetan hall (visiting Gu Tibetan festival display, understanding Gu Tibetan culture) Yao visited Xijiang Miao Nationality Museum Yaotonggu Performance Square Yao Tourism Boutique Street (Choose and buy ethnic crafts) across the Fengyu Bridge to the Riverside Road (appreciating the water landscape and riverbank scenery) and the performance of the bleachers and observation pavilions (the remote view of the thousands of Miao Villages of the Miao Nationality hanging tower complex) the west gate of Yuxi; Line B: Beidamen Tonggu Showground Jingjing Street Jingjing Street Jinghebin Road Jingjing Pavilion Jingxi Gate. (2) Natural Ecological Tour A Line: Beidamen Yaojinggu Street, Yao Liyufu (appreciating peasant paintings) Yaogu Tibetan head home and Gu Tibetan hall (visiting Gu Tibetan festival displays and learning about Gu Tibetan culture) Yaoyou Square (where you feel the song of young Miao men and women) Yao walked down the east Yinzhai Village (Viewing the idyllic scenery of Baishui River) across the Fengyu Bridge to the Riverside Road (Viewing the water landscape and riverbank scenery) and the viewing pavilion (viewing the Miao Nationality Suspension Buildings in the distant thousand Miao Villages) to the west of the gate;" is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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