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Things To Do in Osaka

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トビアスジェマリーUniversal Studio Japan located in Osaka Japan, they are many activities and you can play ,watch Banda, discovery your favorite actors cartoon characters it is very beautiful place and take friends/family photos. Adults & children can play also❤️❤️❤️
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Featured Neighborhood
E26***17Food lover paradise! The Daimutsu department store foodhall at basement 2 is incredible! I cannot find a reason why not to love Osaka.
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Historical Architecture
CorgivA very famous location of the historical castle. Sitting on its own island, the castle stands amidst a circle of what I presumed is a manmade lake. Such a beautiful place to visit, perfect when travelling with friend or even family. Definitely one of the must-visit place in Osaka
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伟大的儿童If you go to Osaka, you must go to Universal and Ocean Park, which is very different from other ocean parks, the rich species, the combination of various fish, really let people forget.
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Featured Neighborhood
_We***72A must visit for tourist. It's a Japanese cultural area with food street, shopping mall and brands. Very close to the metro station.
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三文鱼的旅行美食存钱罐The big red romantic girl heart of Osaka Hep 5 Ferris wheel, inside the Bluetooth speaker is the biggest bright spot, 15 minutes a lap can play three or four beautiful songs, through a very time-space feeling tunnel can sit, can look at the night and day view. The warm yellow lights that hit the red Ferris wheel at night are beautiful artwork in itself.