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cerelinaDongguan is a pretty good place, there is a glass bridge, a water park, there are big trumpets, there is a zoo, there are fireworks at night, the specific is not every day, I don't know, not much to say, this is some photos I took.
2,721 Reviews
M31***64What an awesome place this is....cannot believe the beauty and piece and quite. Entrance fee very afforable.
2,142 Reviews
_We***181, the ticket price is 45, if you buy it one day in advance, you can have a discount! Because it is a temporary initiative, you can buy a full ticket! There are elderly and children in the itinerary. It is recommended to buy a set ticket to take the car to the mountain, and it is still quite far to walk to Guanyin, 7 kilometers! Climb slowly for about 2 hours. Buy a sightseeing ticket alone should be 30 yuan a person! 2, you can choose to climb your own entrance ticket, others inside you have to play and buy yourself, for example, you can play the zipline, but you can only go down and not go up. There are also entertainment facilities for children to play. There are also places to eat!3, there are a lot of bathrooms, all the way, this is very good. 4, the top of the mountain can be worshipped Guanyin, there are incense sales, I can't buy it myself, unless it is very well hidden! The mountain is not expensive, Zhongxiang 35, much better! Daxiang 45! Incense fire is full, no incense can light candles, very good, worship Guanyin, can pray for children 5, we are driving, parking is free, there are two parking lots, there are many parking spaces inside. Don't stop outside the scenic spot, not only is the money pitted, when you go back and go a long way to get on the bus, it is quite tired! 6, it is best to wear sneakers, leisure shoes ~ See someone climbing to wear high heels 👠, go back to the ankle will definitely be very painful
1,884 Reviews
M47***45Specially chose to go on a tour on May 1st, chose a rainy day, so that people will not be many, it rained when getting up in the morning, until 10 o'clock more rain stopped, more than 11 o'clock, saw two performances, one is the acrobatics elephant performance, one is the sea lion performance, Children love to see the show! Slowly walk the cart until 4 pm almost all finished, just rain, go home!
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DoradoraIt is very beautiful place you can feel calm and peace there. I went there with my friends and there were not so many people you can take a bike. You can also walk around there because the area is big but not sure and it has some historicalBuildings and some flowers and trees and a lake as well
1,564 Reviews
Flower Fields
Botanical Garden
Clive 曾清耀The place is good for a family outing. The parks and the pools and the rides.

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Tangwei Ming and Qing Dynasties Ancient VillageDongguan,China

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Qingxi Forest ParkDongguan,China

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Tongsha Ecological ParkDongguan,China

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Tangxia Sightseeing ParkDongguan,China

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Shilong Jinsha ParkDongguan,China

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Yuan Chonghuan Memorial ParkDongguan,China

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The Mountains around Guangzhou--Up-close Views of the Superlative Danxia Landform and the Bodhisattva Statue on an Extinct Volcano
avtarTripBlog   Dec 2, 2019

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About Dongguan

Dongguan is located in the Pearl River Delta, very close to Hong Kong. It is a famous hometown for overseas ethnic Chinese. Dongguan has several ancient monuments. The Ke Garden is one of the four great gardens of the Qing Dynasty. There is also the expansive Yuehui Garden, as well as the Nanshe Ming and Qing Dynasty Ancient Village. Once upon a time, Humen Town was an important place. In 1839, at the beginning of the First Opium War, Lin Zexu supervised the destruction of large quantities of seized opium. Today, the Opium War Museum, the Sea Battle Museum, ancient cannonades and historic battlefield sites are located here. Songshan Lake is Dongguan's high technology industrial center. Songshan Lake Park is a place where you can enjoy the natural landscape by riding a bike around the lake. The ocean of flowers and the lakeside landscape are beautiful. There is also a spot where locals can be seen fishing. Xiabeifang in Batou Village is a good place to relax. The combination of modern creativity and old towns is excellent. There are many small shops and boutiques if you like to go window shopping as you walk.

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Dongguan Weather

Oct 20, 2021
23 ~ 32
Oct 21, 2021
16 / 27
Oct 22, 2021
Light Rain
16 / 18
Oct 23, 2021
16 / 21
Oct 24, 2021
17 / 23
Oct 25, 2021
18 / 26
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Dongguan
Oct 20, 2021 Dongguan Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 85%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:24/17:56
Dongguan Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Dongguan, including: Yinxian Mountain Villa,Longfeng Villa Resort,Xiangshi Zoo
You could try Yinxian Mountain Villa,Longfeng Villa Resort,Xiangshi Zoo,Fantasy Baihuazhou,Dongguan Botanical Garden in Dongguan
There are many ordinary trains in Zhangzhou to Dongguan, and the running time is about 6 hours. There are no high-speed rails and trains on this line.
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