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Ancient Settlement
_wl***77Nicely preserved ancient town, tulou area. It`s among those that can be reached with public transportation from Xiamen. (there is 1-2 direct bus, also you can take D train to Nanjing (Fujian), then take local bus no. 6 to Yunshuiyao. Good daytrip from Xiamen!
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sara周周The second stop is called China Xiao Maldives, Dongshan Island 🏝 in Fujian, Hawaii, the scene is too big! The beauty of it has not been fully excavated in the last few years, because the "left ear" in Nanmen Bay, let the fire here! I am sure that the beauty of Dongshan Island is worth everyone's love 🤗! ! Today, I will share my most efficient strategy to visit Dongshan Island to everyone 😜🚗 Traffic section ✈️ Take the high-speed rail to Yunxiao Station and take the bus directly to Tongling Station 🚕 Driving technology I still recommend to rent a car for self-driving! I rented a good car in Chaozhou to take the high speed to Luzhou, the rental car fee + fuel fee + high speed fee + parking fee, a total of 800 yuan, it is not too cost-effective, because I drive everywhere is very convenient! I searched several strategies before going, I don't think it is very practical! Going a lot of fork! After playing by yourself, I rushed to write, I want to go to my baby to see my strategy to protect you from treading! 🏖 must punch the attraction 🏝 Nanmen Bay is the hottest scenic spot on Dongshan Island, because the movie "Left Ear" is here to take a view, and the past is half the sea and half the residential area. Maybe you will feel that there is a loss and the picture does not match 🤔, but calm down to sweep a bicycle around the residential area, you will have a lot of wonderful discoveries! The characteristic residents old house, uniquely decorated homestay, special food store, is still worth going to 🤗🏝 Nanyu Nanyu is very close to Nanmen Bay, its feature is that after the afternoon tide will reveal a sand bar to a special island. Because of time, I didn't see the sandbar after the low tide. It's a pity that 😔🏖 Ma'an Bay Beach is called a natural bath. The swimming equipment in the courtyard is all available, but the beach here is chaotic. The waves will roll up a lot of sand. Because I thought it was the only place that was best for swimming, but it wasn't! Please look down [smile R]🏞Su Fengshan round the island road I am excited, this is the attraction I saw in the Raiders that was actually ignored, Fortunately I came! It's so beautiful! The drive around the island is super! Although it is a one-way trip, the best viewing spots have temporary parking spaces, which I love! Biking is also OK (the steep slopes can be very tired). The sea views along the way are breathtaking! The end of the road is the most amazing, the beach is worth the name "natural bath"! Bring swimming equipment to come here, it's absolutely amazing! 🏖 Jinyu Bay Beach is my second surprise! I was originally planning to stay at Nanmen Bay B&B, temporarily changed the Jinyu Bay Guantao Apartment to set a sea view room! Absolutely! The sea view is full! A thousand people party at the beach at night must go! During the period, there will be a fireworks show, a bonfire party, and someone will put a hole light on the beach. It's too hilarious! Here you will forget all your troubles! The original camera took no filter photos, the technology is not good, everyone will see 😜
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夏吹夏夜风🤷🏻‍♀️The most popular online squat: Volcano Island tickets are expensive, many people, windy, poor service, colored soil, except for the photo of no play, and the said is true. But! In non-holidays, when the weather is good, it is really super! Class! Out! Pie! ! ! 📷 Photo suggestions: 1: Must choose the weather when it is good! Sunshine is all over the colorful buildings, no filters are needed at all. 2: It's best to shoot after 4:30 pm, this time the sun is your friend, especially the backlight before sunset, hair is glowing! But I was actually at 3 pm in rainbow mountain, and completely unobstructed, that light called a hard ah! But there are ways to save, can wear sunglasses, can be bowed, can pat back, can pretend to close the eyes to enjoy. 3: Not all of them take great pictures. The most important thing is to take our own pictures of beauty. So big scenes can't see themselves. Choose some good-looking corners, narrow the scene, more easily to take the atmosphere, not easy to take other people, not so like tourists. 4: Besides the popular punching position, it is recommended to explore more find different angles, more fun. 🤳 Little Air: [Rainbow Mountain] 🌴 There are some pink bubble houses along the way to Rainbow Mountain. Although it is not very foreign, it is easy to take a holiday with the tropical plants next to it. There are many plants nearby, and they are easy to be bitten by mosquitoes. It is best to spray some anti-mosquito spray. 🌈 Facing the right hand side of the heart, it is a large rainbow road, with the rainbow as the background, and it is also very good to come and go back and forth. 🏞 Follow the rainbow road to the halfway side of the mountain, the photographer shoots from the ground, and can shoot the rainbow road at his feet, and the top of his head is a whole blue sky. It's best to shoot the side, slightly raise your head, because it is easy to shoot double chins. 🦓 The location of zebra prints is very good with blue, and it's easy to take a big picture with full body and half body photos. ⛩ Come out of Rainbow Mountain, walk a little forward in the place waiting for the shuttle bus, you can see a row of pink birds on the beach, and it is also very good. [Monument Valley] 💃🏻 The wind at the entrance is really huge, blowing me suspicious of life, but in the moment of licking the skirt, it captured the pen of God. ⭐️ After entering the door, I saw a tree in the central square. The pink corridor next to the tree is definitely a treasure that most people ignore! Minutes of exotic scenery, and the reverse light here is super beautiful before sunset! 💒Standing in front of the pink wall and giant plants, beautiful! And here is not sun, light is uniform, pink wall lining of the skin is very good. There is no one here to shoot, so you can play as much as you can. 🪟 Try sitting on the window sill, with a little wall as the foreground, don't pose, natural state capture, easy to shoot a literary and artistic film feeling. 🌊 Don't patronize the building, the seaside is also beautiful. You can take a photo with a lighthouse, you can stand at the seaside viewing platform and shoot towards the sea, and you can walk down the stairs to the sea. 🏛 Facing the left hand side of the sea, there is a pure white lookout, and it takes a little Santorini's feeling, very pure.
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Historical Architecture
roiberadorTianluokeng Tulou Cluster, which consists of four rotundas and a square tulou in the center, is an arrangement of location that represents the recycling derivation of the Five Elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth) in ancient Chinese philosophy. This distinctive composition of architectural structures and shapes, receiving a commendation as "a unique, legendary rural construction model in the world" from the UNESCO, has been a symbol of Fujian Tulous and become one of the Scenic Villages of China and Villages of Chinese History and Culture as well.
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Theme Park
M31***79Advantages: Children under 17 can enjoy half price, the scenic area can bring their own food and water, most of them are air-conditioned indoors, suitable for children to play in summer. The time of each performance is relatively compact and the interval is not long. Inadequacies: The signs in the scenic area are not obvious, it is easy to go wrong, the price of the scenic area is not reasonable: mineral water 5 yuan, other drinks 10 yuan, mermaid buffet $68 yuan, hamburger + sausage + cola 38 yuan, popcorn 20 yuan, the cheapest package 38 yuan, it is recommended to bring your own water and food.
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Ancient Settlement
老鹰在飞翔Yunshui Ballad, the original name of "Nanjing Yunshui Ballad" Changjiao, located in Nanjing County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, China, was created by Zhang Kehui's film literature script "Looking for" based on his own and several Taiwanese experience, the film "Yunshui Ballad", has been filmed here.

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Baixiang Yuanshan Hot SpringZhangzhou,China

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Moonlight BeachZhangzhou,China

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Fujian Zhangzhou Bihai Guoji Gao'erfu ClubZhangzhou,China

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Dongshan Art AcademyZhangzhou,China

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Zhangzhou Travel Tips

About Zhangzhou

Chaozhou is a famous historical and cultural city with more than 1,300 years of history. Generation after generation of renown figures were born here. This small city has a very profound cultural heritage and is the hometown of many overseas Chinese and Taiwanese. The local southern Fujianese culture is recognized as part of the nation's intangible cultural heritage. In addition to the people, this land also has a very special spirit. The fragrant clouds of incense at Sanping Temple, the mysterious Fengdong Stone of Dongshan Island, the unique architecture of the Hakka Tulou and the famous Yundongyan are well worth seeing. Scenes from the 2006 film "The Knot" were shot at Chaozhou's Yunshuiyu Ancient Town. The exquisite ocean landscape here is not to be missed.

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Oct 16, 2021 Zhangzhou Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 65%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:07/17:42
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Here are the best places to visit in Zhangzhou, including: Yunshuiyao Ancient Town,Volcanic Island Tourist and Leisure Resort,Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster
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