North Rhine-Westphalia
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Things To Do in Aachen

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心静如水927It was registered as UNESCO's World Heritage (Cultural Heritage) in 1978. It is the most important example of architecture art of the Galolin Dynasty, which is a famous church in Germany, and is located in the westernmost city of Aachen, and the most important example of architecture art of the Galolin Dynasty, which successfully combines classical architecture art, Artistic style of Byzantine and Gothic architecture. The overall structure of the Aachen Cathedral is rectangular, with arched roofs, built from 790 to 800 AD during Charlemagne's time. Being there, feel majestic and grand, self-contained! Watch the church punching in Germany!
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噼里啪啦The first time I went to the small town of Monschau in Monschau was the summer when I just arrived in Germany four years ago. When I came back with the same Humboldt green hat, I couldn't see the same scenery. It can be regarded as a revisit after another four years of life and university. There are places that I miss when I leave, but when I go back, I suddenly understand why I left. The mask control in Germany is indeed much stricter than that in the Netherlands. It’s just that you have to wear a mask when you enter McDonald’s, but you still have to take it off when you eat [Onlooker]
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Historical Architecture
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National Park
M32***23Eifel National Park covers an area so large that it can be regarded as the lung of the local city. The air is fresh and there are many tourists. Everyone is walking in an orderly manner with professional equipment. There are lakes and meadows in the distance, and the scenery is very rich!
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qf3456792Puppenbrunnen (Puppenbrunnen) is located on Chandler Street in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia. It is the connection between the cathedral and the city hall. It was created in 1975 by the Aachen sculptor Boni Stirnberg. Don't miss it when you get here!
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FiveeI like this kind of elongated glass, and I have the feeling of crossing borders casually. After eating local pork blood sausage, only the fried onion of the whole dish is hard, and the others are muddy. It is disgusting if you eat it. It’s good to eat only sausage. It’s said that the German local soda is still delicious in SPA. OK, the conclusion is that aachen is nothing special, but a very comfortable city... I really feel familiar with international train transfers, so I won’t miss the train later. It would be very painful to stay in a country without a hotel reservation...