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Things To Do in Anhui

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35,173 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
Kate in ChinaBreathing views! Enormous territory, unique landscapes and unforgettable sunrises 🤩
27,206 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
E25***61Beautiful ancient town. Definitely plan on staying at least 2 days if you want a relaxing trip. Also be sure to take a walk around the outside of the town and look at all the artists painting the scenery.
7,005 Reviews
88topJiuhua Mountain (Jiuhua Mountain), the ancient name is Lingyang Mountain and Jiuzi Mountain, one of the four famous mountains of Chinese Buddhism, located in Qingyang County, Chizhou City, Anhui Province, known as the "first mountain in the southeast", legend is due to the poem "Wang Jiuhua to Qingyang Wei Zhongkan" by Li Bai in the Tang Dynasty: "In the past on the Jiujiang, looking at Jiuhua Peak. Tianhe hanging green water, show Jiufurong." And renamed "Jiuhua Mountain." It is said that the Jizang Bodhisattva should be the Taoist Field, Buddhism believes that Jizang Bodhisattva is the symbol of "big puppet" and "great wish". Jiuhua Mountain is one of the three major mountain systems in southern Huaizhou, the main body is a strong fault uplift zone composed of granite bodies. Except for some sedimentary rocks, the margin area is mostly a mild uplift zone composed of granodiorite folded block. Jiuhua Mountain is located in the north subtropical region, not only affected by the humid monsoon, but also by the mountain altitude, topography and terrain, so it has the mild, humid, shade and other mountain climate characteristics. The Jiuhua Mountain overlooks the Yangtze River in the north, looks at Huangshan in the south, faces Taiping Lake in the east, and Chizhou in the west.
5,957 Reviews
_We***11town is lovely, be prepared to buy a ticket. fan hua xiang bar - xidijingqu qingyunnong has great live music, great bar selection and great friendly staff.
4,053 Reviews
Theme Park
娴娴子爱想想Recently went to Disney, this Mid-Autumn holiday came to Oriental God painting, telling the truth, Oriental God painting is better than Disney's cost-effective! Not only to my favorite Chinese traditional cultural elements as the theme, and every project basically does not have to queue! Unlike Disney, the East God paintings play the project is different themes, in fact and Disney are similar. In the main dissemination of Chinese traditional culture, it is very suitable for children to play. The projects inside are also very fun, there are thrills, there are also beautiful, in short, a day is very full of satisfaction, not very tired, really not a worthwhile trip!
3,873 Reviews
Famous Residences
E34***74I did not know I was taking pictures of a historical place in Hefei. My instinct and my passion for history connected me to this.

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Hefeigongye University (beimen)Hefei,China

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Lu'an Maotanchang Middle SchoolLuan,China

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Xuancheng Zhanglaogen VillaXuancheng,China

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Dashan Cun Xi Luyuan Farm TourChizhou,China

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Zilong Ecology FarmXuancheng,China

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Tianlu Mountain Ecology Leisure FarmXuancheng,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Anhui, including: Huangshang Mountain,Hongcun Village,Wuhu Fantawild Dream Kingdom
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