Heng County
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66 Reviews
xinyuan009Nine waterfalls, as the name implies, make up the nine waterfall landscape, so called the Chinese totem dragon system. First of all, the traffic here, suitable for self-driving tour, no car can not go, because to take the national road, country road, county road, Panshan Road around, narrow but flat, basic can barely get a car, so the new driver of poor skills to go there is best leisurely point. This is a attraction in the mountain, and the mobile phone signal is not good. There is no signal for navigation sometimes. I have been to Detian, Huangguoshu, Qikong of the size, and Maling River. So this is more a stream than a waterfall. Although not so spectacular, but can play water close up, suitable children play. And this attraction is less people, there will not be a crowd, leisurely to go to the mountain to wander, breathing air and blowing is still OK. Many of the ponds inside are a bit murky, but the water quality of two attractions is still great, clear and bottomless. Another point to say, I don't know how the fare is in normal times for this attraction. I went on the National Holiday, 54 yuan for adult tickets, 15 yuan for scenic battery car, 15 yuan for parking in the parking lot. I hope that it is just a holiday price increase, usually not this price, so that I can afford to drive to play.
25 Reviews
Flower Fields
风过无迹水过无痕This summer, with the children, the two families met together to see Jasmine in Heng County. We departed from Nanning in the morning. Due to the late departure time, it was already noon when we arrived in Hengxian County. After dinner, we went to Xijin Lake and then to China Jasmine Garden. Hengxian is not a big place, but it is very famous for eating fish sashimi. Our two families didn't have the guts to try it. We ordered home-cooked dishes orderly and just had enough. The planting area of the China Jasmine Garden is not small and it can be said to be endless. I only knew that jasmine was white before. I never thought that jasmine had pink and yellow. The strange thing is that walking in the jasmine field, there is not much jasmine fragrance. Also, seeing a small house in the flower field, let us have a good meal and guess what it is for. In the end, I guessed it correctly. It was used to hide from the sun. Did you guess it right?
26 Reviews
老黄1971Baohuashan is the legend of the "land of the ruins" of the emperor, which attracted a famous geographer, Xu Xiake, from the Ming Dynasty. During the Mid-Autumn Festival of the Ming Dynasty, Xu Xiake came to Hengzhou to stay at the Yingtian Temple of Baohuashan. He detailed his diary in the temple of the temple, "the temple westward, temple gate quite neat, titled 'Wanshan first', the word is very ancient. Looking at the first, I remember the old title of Jianwenjun. And the pursuit of the Wanli, the people Shi Ling set up ... after the inquiry of monks, and know the handwriting of Jianwen!
27 Reviews
Water Conservancy Project
滇国剑客There is a lot of water in the south, so it is also called the southern water town. Judging from the name and the field scenery, places with water do feel good and have aura. Xijin Lake is naturally a scenic spot that is drawn by water, and it has grown a lot of popularity.
4 Reviews
M15***22so fun! For people like me who like excitement but dare not try skydiving, it is simply the best choice.
4 Reviews
M29***93It's very small, nothing fun, just a two hundred square temple

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HengXian ShiShang BuXingJieNanning,China

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Fubo BeachNanning,China

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Jiulong Waterfalls of GuangxiNanning,China

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Hengxianhengzhou Christ ChurchNanning,China

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Sheng MountainNanning,China

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Mount BaohuaNanning,China

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Heng County Weather

Oct 25, 2021
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Oct 29, 2021
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Oct 25, 2021 Heng County Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 55%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:44/18:10
Heng County Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: High

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Here are the best places to visit in Heng County, including: Jiulong Waterfalls Forest Park,Mount Baohua,Chinese Jasmine Garden
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