Fell Lapland
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Emmm_ptyIt is located in the far north of Finland. It is the junction of the three countries of Finland, Norway and Denmark. It is recommended that you come here to take a look, especially in winter. The ice and snow scenes are very beautiful and top-notch.
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诺伊豪森王仙芝The previous discussion about Norway’s gift of Mount Haltia to neighboring Finland as a gift for its Independence Day has finally received an official reply. During his visit to Finland, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway said that Finland is a friendly neighbor of Norway and Norway will surely send a generous gift on the anniversary of Finland, but there are legal obstacles in moving the border. So besides the mountain, are there any good gifts?
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小雪Snow酱Abisko❄️ There are two train stations in Abisko, Ostra Station is located in the middle of this small village, and Abisko Touriststation is opposite to STF Youth Hostel Go to Abisko Ostra first, and then go to Abisko Turiststation, right next to Abisko National Park. It is very convenient to go to Abisko National Park and Lake Torne, and there is less light pollution. The conductor will announce the station in very clear English. The Abisko Railway Station is very small and there is no manual conductor, so the train tickets must be bought in advance Meeting is the beginning☀️ Also the end At the end of the world There is still our story ✔️ Do you have any regrets?
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TreriksrosetFell Lapland,Finland

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Saana FellFell Lapland,Finland

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HaltiFell Lapland,Finland

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Kilpisjarvi Weather

Sep 23, 2021
2 ~ 5
Sep 24, 2021
3 / 4
Sep 25, 2021
0 / 5
Sep 26, 2021
Mostly Cloudy
2 / 6
Sep 27, 2021
Intermittent Clouds
4 / 9
Sep 28, 2021
Mostly Cloudy
3 / 11
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Kilpisjarvi
Sep 23, 2021 Kilpisjarvi Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 92%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:19/19:37
Kilpisjarvi Driving: Suitable, Running: Not Recommended, Cycling: Not Recommended
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