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羊驼啊Sea fairy mountain, the name is not imaginary Tian Lian Tian Heng, the power to pull five Tian shi shi Akagi. Tiantai 48 thousand zhang, this is to pour down southeast. Note 1, take the Feirada, Hulu Cave route, you can experience the excitement of climbing and exploration of the joy of Hulu Cave, this route is particularly few people, Amway Little Climbing mountain route. At the end is a tile and the direction of the Tongtian Cave, return to the sea path down the mountain. 2. There is a little master in the holy place of Taizhao practice who can ask for a sign to solve the puzzles. He only asks for a belief in himself. He may as well try it.
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zjpapMust go in July and August, I went in June. It rained before, the scenic spot will not let the water, because the water is too big, we have been walking along the river opposite the wind and rain bridge, the attractions are very good, there is a chance to go again.
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我的世外桃源Laoshan Island, known as "the pearl of the sea" of the island, the scenery is beautiful, there are Tianhu pancai, Nanguo Tianshan, the sea Cape clear sky and other scenic spots, is listed as the world Geopark Tailu Mountain Scenic Area one of the four major landscape, Laoshan Island is ranked as the ten most beautiful island in the country. Anshan Island is called the Fukuyama Islands, which means "Fudi and Meiyu." Daanshan Island is 5 kilometers in diameter, 21.22 square kilometers, the highest point of Hongji Dongshan elevation 541.3 meters, the second largest island in eastern Guangdong (the first largest island in eastern Guangdong is Sandu Island). At 200 meters above sea level, there are two lakes of size. The lake around the peaks ring arch, its shape like volcano, Lushan Island also has this name, the area of the Great Tianhu more than 1000 mu, the small Tianhu more than 200 mu, the two lakes separated more than 1000 meters, each has spring eyes, clear see the bottom. Lake around the hillside is gentle, is "South Tianshan" the reputation of the ten thousand mu grassland. Xiaoyishan Island area 3.28 square kilometers, coastal reefs stand, sea erosion topography is very prominent, constitute a strange landscape, only 50 meters above sea level, the island is dense vegetation, perched thousands of seagulls and other migratory birds, at first take off, very spectacular.
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E44***43Probably should visit at certain time to catch the best view. We have arrived in the afternoon, not worth the travel. Only if you pass nearby on the way somewhere else. More likely, better time during the sunrise.
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Ancient Trees
E44***43Start your morning photo session here, catch the performance by local actors for an endless teams of photographers even before 9:00 am. Got a professional camera?- you”ll get nice pics. Traveling around with the phone camera only?- keep going to the next location of Glass bridge.
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320***955.1 There are too many people, not enough to enjoy, and it will be more fun to avoid holidays. Buy tickets online and change paper tickets. Queuing for half a day. You can sweep the QR code into the park. The weather is too hot. Do a good job of sun protection.

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Niulanggang Beach ResortNingde,China

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Liuyun CaveNingde,China

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Dajing FortressNingde,China

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Doumu Island Resort in SanduaoNingde,China

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Chixi Sceneic AreaNingde,China

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About Ningde

Ningde is situated in the northeast of Fujian province. It is known for its picturesque coastal landscapes surrounded by mountains. There are a number of popular attractions including Taimu Mountain, the beautiful coastal area of Sandu'ao, and Zhiti Mountain, which was described as the most beautiful mountain on earth by the Ming dynasty Yongle Emperor.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Ningde
Oct 24, 2021 Ningde Weather: Clear, Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 84%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:06/17:26
Ningde Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Ningde, including: Taimu Mountain,Baishuiyang Scenic Area,Dayushan Island
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