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Things To Do in Pingtan

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_GG***64We stayed here two nights during Natuonal Day break. We were hoping to get some beach time but all the ebqches were closed for cleaning.
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Ancient Settlement
godknowsThis ancient city is also a big mall, a commercial street, every city seems to have one, and this ancient city is still according to the historical record new, but the appearance is very grand, there is a big boat at the door.
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季乐乐夏1-2 You can play for an hour. The Fairy Valley is good to take a picture. There are a lot of rocks. It is spectacular. Must be early, otherwise it is all human. The stone is very slippery. It is recommended to go barefoot, and then you can see beautiful sea view along the road. The sea is very blue. The sun is very sunny. You must wear sunscreen. The price is very high. Ticket price 15 yuan
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Cultural Experiencial Area
M28***88General mountain original name tiger mountain, in the spring of 1996, three army joint exercise held in pingtan, on the mountain building inspection platform, more than 100 generals to the war, so changed to the name of general mountain. Scenic area mountains and sea, steep, rocks interlaced, strange stones. There are realistic south wind windows around the cliff stone carving group, narrow long line sky, and natural wonders such as Mitsubishi that really need to bend over to pass, and exclamation of the wonders of nature is also very good exercise a body 😎.
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godknowsA beach park near Pingtan City Center, we were very few people on the day we went, because of the weather, the wind is a bit big, it is said that we can see blue tears at night, but we didn't stick to the evening, eat something and leave.
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M28***24Today, I'm going to show you the beaches in Pingtan Island Tannan Bay. I said before that the beaches in Pingtan are beaches that can hold water. This beach is only seen at Weisan Beach in Myanmar. This beach can reflect like a mirror like a Chaka Salt Lake. If encounter the sunset, then this mirror will produce a very beautiful picture. Although I don't know how Pingtan sand to do, but I know that sand here must be different, there should be no second in China, is not another subversive place, hehehehe.