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Things To Do in Pingtan

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639 Reviews
D31***29Beautiful island with lovely beach and windmills. Pingtan is seafood heaven and fishball is a must try dishes
499 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
godknowsThis ancient city is also a big mall, a commercial street, every city seems to have one, and this ancient city is still according to the historical record new, but the appearance is very grand, there is a big boat at the door.
261 Reviews
godknowsA beach park near Pingtan City Center, we were very few people on the day we went, because of the weather, the wind is a bit big, it is said that we can see blue tears at night, but we didn't stick to the evening, eat something and leave.
189 Reviews
Geological Sites
M17***04This self-driving tour to Pingtan finally got to enjoy the invincible sea view here, there is a fairy well, there is a fairy valley under it, it is very worth going to the place! It is not tired to climb the mountain, the top observation deck can enjoy the blue sea and blue sky, and the heart is happy! The children are also very happy! It is awesome! is also very convenient to buy tickets, anytime!
71 Reviews
佩佩abcThe island stands a stone tablet with the words "the most recent distance of the mainland of Taiwan is 68 nautical miles", and the fishing port of Nanyue, Hsinchu, Taiwan, 63 nautical miles away. Up on the sea, perennially attacked by wind and waves, the island is strange stones, grass is rare, is Pingtan Island "light long stones not long grass" typical representative. The whole island of Houyan, looking everywhere, is rock. None of these rocks are similar, each with its own characteristics. Some are crimson, very smooth surface; some are dark gray, strange shape; the most is light yellow large rock, many green plants on it, stubbornly grew up. The scattered stones, the fishing boats moored here, the distant smoke of people, set against this quiet bay, as if it had a charm of awe.
156 Reviews
佩佩abcLocated in the southeast of Pingtan Island, the western and northern low hills around the bay, the bay area is vast, sandy coast, beach width about 200 meters, shore line length about 10 kilometers, is Pingtan Island's largest bay. The coastline in the area is twisting, Hong Kong and Macao, there are Guanyin Macao, Tianmei Macao and other 20 large and small Macao. The water depth of Guanyin Macao is 16 meters, the harbor area is vast, the harbor is fine, the environment is quiet, the coastal pollution source is not, the ecological environment is good, the forest belt of the hinterland is spectacular, the terrain is varied, it is suitable for the beach bathing place and the multi-functional resort sanatorium. 

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Jinlan MountainFuzhou,China

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Shabaganghai Sceneic AreaFuzhou,China

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Haitandao Scenic AreaFuzhou,China

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Tannan Bay Public BeachFuzhou,China

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Pingtan Island National Forest ParkFuzhou,China

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Pingtan Sand SculptureFuzhou,China

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Pingtan Travel Tips

About Pingtan

Pingtan is located in the southern tip of Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, just across the straight from Taiwan. On the Mainland, it is the closest place to Taiwan. Pingtan has a long history but development started fairly late, therefore there are still quite a number of original buildings on the island; the island attracts many visitors every summer. Pingtan is known as the “Island of Thousand Reefs." The county has 126 islands with names and 702 reefs. The wide sea area is connected to the outer ocean, and many islands and reefs are dotted in between; this makes the seas in Pingtan very beautiful.

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Pingtan Weather

Oct 15, 2021
21 ~ 28
Oct 16, 2021
20 / 22
Oct 17, 2021
21 / 23
Oct 18, 2021
22 / 24
Oct 19, 2021
21 / 23
Oct 20, 2021
Light Rain
20 / 22
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Pingtan
Oct 15, 2021 Pingtan Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 83%, Sunrise/Sunset: 05:59/17:33
Pingtan Travel: Use Caution, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Pingtan, including: Pingtan Island,Haitan Ancient City,Tannan Bay
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