Shari District
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Things To Do in Shari

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e07523031The price of 500 yen for two is really affordable. First fill out the form, then watch a short video, listen to the staff explain the precautions during the tour, mainly talking about how to act if you see a bear. The weather on the day I went was normal, sometimes sunny and sometimes cloudy, and the effect of the film was relatively ordinary, but it was also very beautiful~ As a World Heritage Site, it may feel that it is just a natural environment, nothing amazing. But it is the ability to keep this piece of nature intact so that people can live in harmony with animals and vegetation without over-exploiting and destroying the original ecological balance, which is truly amazing. I hope I have a chance to go next time and encounter a better weather!
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National Park
UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
噼里啪啦Shiretoko means "end of the earth" in the Anu language of the aboriginal people. It is located on the easternmost part of Hokkaido. It still preserves Japan's most primitive natural features, so it is called "Japan's Last Mystery". It was first designated as a Japanese National Park in 1964, and was officially selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003.
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_cf***10Hokkaido in winter is covered with white snow, and the scenery in the park is also covered by snow. Thanks for walking on professional snow, we walked past this waterfall and felt very magical. It is said that we can walk on the water in other seasons. in.
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hw9586From here, take a boat out to enjoy the beauty of the World Natural Heritage Shiretoko Peninsula. In winter, you can also see the drift ice at the lowest latitude in the world, a very special place.
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hw9586At the entrance of the Shiretoko Five Lakes Boardwalk, there is a visitor center, which also introduces the natural landscape, flora and fauna of the Shiretoko area. You can find out in advance. It is good to be entertaining and entertaining.
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Observation Deck
530057681My friend recommended me to go, not many people, not bad