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National Park
UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
Babic Ervinby far one of the most interesting places in china, especially in fujian province. you can easily spend here three days or even more. a must visit for each traveler. entrance ticket is around 180yuan but can be even more if added addittional services. very beautiful scenery
3,117 Reviews
E58***30Completely based on the DaHongPao tea, its origin, tradition and richness. Captivating drama enacted in mandarin, but good experience with vibrant colors. Best part was the 360 degrees rotation of the audience viewing platform. Overall, good experience, but i must say i have seen even better shows in China.
2,391 Reviews
Babic Ervinvery interesting and beautiful experience of thr national park. calmly rafting through nine bends takes about one hour and the surrounding hills are breathtaking. highly recommended to everyone
515 Reviews
Babic Ervinamazing experience of peaceful bamboo rafting between the gorgeous surroundijg mountains. it lasts around 1 hour, price is around 100 yuan and is very interesting. highly recommended
1,015 Reviews
Babic ErvinTianYou peak is one of many hills around Wu Yi mountain national park, one of the most famous and most visited places in the park. views from above are worth climbing steps
438 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
139***13Xiamei Ancient Town is located in the eastern part of Wuyishan City, 6 kilometers away from Wuyishan City, south Wuyishan Resort. The village was built in the Sui Dynasty, Lifang Xing in the Song Dynasty, and the market was in the Qing Dynasty. Mountains protect villages, water support people, the mountain around the water to create a closed Anzhen-type village, known as "culture and history boutique ancient villages". The villagers are mostly Han, but also the Yao. Here in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, has become the first stop of 'Wanli Tea Road', is Wuyiyan tea export distribution hub. Shang Qiao Zhiyong exported to Russia, mostly from Fujian Xiamei area. In the village of Xiamei, only see a clear stream through the village. On both sides are the water-fronted houses with corridors, a little bit of the southern Zhouzhuang charm. This stream was the main channel for bamboo storks to load tea. Now it seems that the stream is only five or six meters wide, but only about one meter deep, the big boat is absolutely not allowed. It is said that tea was transported out of the year, one is waterway, the other is land. The waterway from the Xiamei village stream with bamboo poles, through Chongyang stream, to Jianhuaicheng changed into a large boat into the water surface wider Jianxi, and then through Jianxi, Lijiang to Fuzhou exit. The land route is a ship from Hummer to Xinyang (now Shangrao city) in Jiangxi province, which is a famous road of tea in China. It is a route of tea from China. According to the guide,Now,Xiamei Village preserved well the ancient buildings of Ming and Qing more than 30 buildings.The most representative is the Dr. Guo,Guo clan Zongxi,Cheng clan hermitage,Xishui Buye,Guo clan flower building,Fang clan join the army,DaLi Lane,Chen clan Confucianism and other buildings. These buildings are well laid out, the east pavilion and west chamber, the tower pavilion, the carved beams and painting buildings, very elegant. These large houses, the exterior with a high wind fire wall to protect the house; the door upstairs has exquisite brick carving, stone carving decoration; the door windows, beams and columns have exquisite wood carving. The designs are mainly about the elegant and auspicious animals and plants and folk characters. For example, "Five Fu Linmen", "One Lianke", "Xishang Mei Ling", "Carp jumping dragon gate", "Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea", "Twenty-four oysters", etc., the sculpture craftsmanship is superb, the content of the education. It fully reflects the Confucian thought of the ancient masters who were faithful in the world, and read the family, and the neighborhood was harmonious and the family was prosperous. The air was scattered with the fragrance of tea, listening to the old generation will be the history of the Mei Guo, as if through time to see that part of the rise and fall. After visiting one well-preserved Ming and Qing dynasties, we can feel the prosperity and prosperity of Xiamei Village in the mountains in the Kangqian shengshi era, and thus push the status and influence of the tea trade in ancient China. Thus, the great commodity that can become the export of large amount, can certainly form an industry, rejuvenate one side economy.

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Water Curtain CaveNanping,China

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Impression DahongpaoNanping,China

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Songjie StreetNanping,China

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Zhuxi Memorial HallNanping,China

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Wuyishan MuseumNanping,China

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Wuyishan Travel Tips

About Wuyishan

Wuyi Mountain is listed as both a World Heritage Site for culture and for nature. It is located at the junction of Jiangxi Province and northwestern Fujian. It is a typical Danxia Landform called by the beautiful moniker "green water in the red mountains". The deep red of the cliff faces is reflected in the clear waters of the Jiuqiu River, making it seem you’ve entered a surreal and beautiful landscape painting. Wuyi Mountain is significant in three religions (Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism) and there are several temples, monasteries, nunneries and holy sites scattered about the mountainside. In recent years, tea has become the reason behind more and more people coming to visit Wuyi Mountain. Because this is the production site for Da Hong Pao, this place attracts the interest of many tea lovers.

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Oct 24, 2021 Wuyishan Weather: Overcast, Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 93%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:13/17:31
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Here are the best places to visit in Wuyishan, including: Wuyi Mountains,Impression Dahongpao,Wuyi Mountain Nine-bend Stream
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