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E25***44It was a rainy day but we still decided to climb... and it was worth it. we climb to the top and enjoyed the best view of the area after watching a documentary explaining in details the history of this place. perfect
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chw241The pure niche scenic spot. Few people, the scenery is very beautiful. In Taoism, the Maoshan scenic spot is still famous, the ancient Taoist Taoist Taoist Taoist Taoist Taoist Taoist Taoist Taoist Taoist Taoist Taoist Taoist Taoist Taoist Taoist Taoist Taoist Taoist Taoist Taoist Taoist Taoist Taoist Ta This means that in the Jingdi period of the Western Han Dynasty, the three brothers Mao Ying, Mao Gu and Mao Zhong were originally in the northern Maoshan to do real-life service, and therefore called Maoshan. Later, they were invited to the south of the Jiangnan kuqushan, which just got the south and north Maoshan.
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詹姆斯This was our favorite place to visit in Zhenjiang so far. Lots of beautiful trails to walk and you can even rent boats to sail around in the streams!Perfect way to spend an afternoon.
3,555 Reviews
詹姆斯There is alot to see in this park. I would allow at least 3 hours. Also try to go when the weather is cooler as there are alot of places without shade.
2,434 Reviews
詹姆斯Some good views at the top of the tower and some interesting history as well!You can even sneak into the back entrance and see more sites.
2,057 Reviews
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E25***44Our hotel was on this street and we really enjoyed the relaxed night stroll down the restaurant lane.

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Wawu Mountain VillaZhenjiang,China

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Baohua MountainZhenjiang,China

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Dinghui TempleZhenjiang,China

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Chui MountainZhenjiang,China

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Tiger-Running SpringZhenjiang,China

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Jiaoshan Forest of StelesZhenjiang,China

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Zhenjiang Travel Tips

About Zhenjiang

When talking about Zhenjiang, most people will naturally associate it with the legend of the "White Lady flooding Jinshan Temple.” Although Jiangnan Ancient City is not as beautiful as the other "Jiangnan" cities (meaning cities south of the Yangtze), it still has its own unique cultural heritage. The old streets, full of charming historical architecture, make you feel like you are in an old movie. The aromatic vinegar of Zhenjiang is also a symbol of the city, and when paired with the local specialty crab dumplings, the taste is very sweet and fresh! Zhenjiang is so beautiful that it makes people green with envy that they cannot live here.

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Zhenjiang Weather

Sep 19, 2021
23 ~ 31
Sep 20, 2021
19 / 26
Sep 21, 2021
20 / 31
Sep 22, 2021
19 / 33
Sep 23, 2021
20 / 32
Sep 24, 2021
22 / 29
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Zhenjiang
Sep 19, 2021 Zhenjiang Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 55%, Sunrise/Sunset: 05:48/18:04
Zhenjiang Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Zhenjiang, including: Mao Mountain,Mount Jin,Jinshan Temple
You could try Beigushan Park,Mount Jin,Jiaoshan,Xijindu Ancient Street,Happy Island in Zhenjiang
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