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Traditional Experience
乱哈罗德Zigong - China color light world is absolutely world-class light show, variety dazzling, story plot rich, full of technology. I went on the night of the May Day, ticket prices doubled, 119 yuan pit, the next day was half cheaper, vomited. First of all, the friends who go must go early 5.30 will go, go to the parking lot later, and then enter the parking lot at the next road of the expressway. The dust is great and it is far away. Do the bus to the light club, free of charge. After entering, the whole is more spectacular, especially the tree of life 66666666. It is really very allegorical, and the dinosaurs are very realistic. It has the strength to bring something to eat, water, snacks. The cold noodles I eat in my history are the most unpleasant, super difficult to eat hungry can not be. There is a concert-like stage inside, there is a very lively atmosphere, stop and walk, almost 3 hours have not finished 11 o'clock.
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Miracle Premwonderful and marvelous place. educative and insightful. you’ve gotta visit. I loved been there. it was a good experience with my wife. young and traveling
939 Reviews
Miracle PremMy Chinese friends took me their and I learned a lot and had a memorable day
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Hot Springs Resort
滇国剑客Although there are more artificial later construction sites, these are all around the natural landscape, and the theme of the hot springs around the attraction to attract customers, so many consumers like it.
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Historical Site
路上50The Bohai well was drilled in the Qingdaoguang for three years. It is a living fossil of the earth-based well salt production, a sign of the mature drilling technology in ancient China. The ancient salt well is a thousand meters long. The ancient wisdom of the ancient people is infinite. . . The scenic spot is located on the edge of Zigong City, the scenic spot is not big, if you walk a circle and a half hour, you will go shopping. Better get an audio guide and get to know it, it makes sense.
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路上50Rongxian Grand Buddha was built in the Tang Dynasty, the second largest stone sculpture in the world, the momentum is magnificent, is the Chinese stone carving remains of the art treasure, known as "Leshan Grand Buddha Xiong, Rongxian Grand Buddha beauty"... The Grand Buddha is located in Rongxian County, the riverside, more eye-catching, tickets online discount price 34, the door is step up, On both sides, there are several small museums that show the famous people and history of Rong County. They are still perfect. Walk up the ladder is the Luohan Hall. Again, there is a big Buddha on the Internet. There is a path up the road. You can contact the big Buddha close to it. You can also overlook the city of Rong County. The big Buddha has a memorial pavilion for Luyou. Overall, Rong County must visit attractions.

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Jianshan Natural Scenic AreaZigong,China

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Nanhu Ecology ParkZigong,China

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Hip Hop Amusement ParkZigong,China

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Hualonggou Bamboo SeaZigong,China

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Suoluogu Scenic AreaZigong,China

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Yibin Huazang TempleZigong,China

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Zigong Travel Tips

About Zigong

Zigong is one of the earliest provincial cities and industrial centers of Sichuan Province. It has over two thousand years of salt-making history and 60 years of history as a city. It enjoys the reputation of being the "Millenium Salt Capital," the "Hometown of Dinosaurs" and the "South China Light City". Zigong is famous because of salt. Its named derives from the two salt-producing areas in Zigong - the "Ziliu Salt Well" and the "Gong Salt Well". The city has a unique urban landscape which integrates mountains, water and an urban environment into one complete form. The Dinosaur Museum, Lantern Museum and World Geological Park in the city are all well worth a visit.

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Zigong Weather

Oct 20, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Zigong
Oct 20, 2021 Zigong Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 91%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:05/18:26
Zigong Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Advised, UV Strength: Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Zigong, including: Zigong Dinosaur Museum,Salt Making Industry History Museum,Shenhai Forest Hot Springs Resort
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