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Things To Do in Huangyuan

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E40***48Perfect spot for sunset...... With breezes blowing from qinghai sea... Blue sea.... Sun and moon mountain...
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Ancient Settlement
不冷静小姐奇遇记The ancient city of Danzhaoer, meaning the white conch, is translated from the Tibetan mongolian pronunciation of "east kohl", was built in the Ming Dynasty, has been over 600 years of history, the city of Danzhaoer is in a good position, from the Western Han Dynasty has gradually become a multicultural and intermingling town, and now there are many architectural courtyards, Full display of the historical style of the ancient city of Danjueer.
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Historical Architecture
E40***48Birth place of the master tsongkha pa... Supreme founder of one of the 4 lineage in tibetan Buddhism.... Gelug lineage... Here you get to see the golden tomb stupa of je tsongkha pa... And many ancient art efacts... Pagoda and monastery have a fine high end architectural design and inside you see devotees prostrating and circumambulating the Great stupa...
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Theme Park
蕊希发发It's so worth going to the overall amazing, the scenery is good, fun, fun, cost-effective, there is also a food street inside, cheap and delicious, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, too worth going to the food street inside, cheap and delicious, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, The hotel is even more amazing 🍭
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宁静致远-qdOn the way to Qinghai Lake, you have to pass through Huangyuan County to visit the so-called Zambulingka, which is said to be Princess Wencheng’s last station in the Central Plains when she went to Tibet. The ticket price is 30 yuan per person. Zambringka is very small, just a small yard, less than 10 acres of land, just a gate tower and a 4-story building. It is newly built, and the murals are also newly painted. The colors are very bright, which is worse than the Taer Monastery. It's not a little bit, and there is no historical weight.
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顺时针1986In summer, Qinghai, yellow and blue are accompanied, so beautiful, no matter how many languages are pale. After leaving Xining to Qilian and Menyuan, the first stop is Huangyuan Gorge. Xining→Huangyuan Gorge→Jinyintan Prairie→Gangcha→Caka Salt Lake→Bird Island→151 Base→Guide→Xining, this is an absolutely classic self-driving route with few tourists and great scenery. Huangyuan, the prosperous Haizang Throat, the combination of farming culture and grassland culture, is also an element of the Tangbo Ancient Road and the Silk South Road. Huangyuan Gorge, especially the petroglyphs and stone carvings carved on the cliffs, made the past guests unavoidably abandon their cars and stop to watch. Huangyuan Gorge is not long, but one scene at a time. In addition to historical sites such as Folya, Crescent Bay, Shiyazhuang, and Beigucheng, the green hills and strange rocks and Linhai Ticui are the most fascinating sights. Passing through the gorge in summer, one side is the forest trees swaying green, the other side is the green grass and strange rocks, and the mountain stream is clear water, especially in the narrow valleys on both sides of the Qinghai-Tibet government, wheat, rape, broad beans and other crops are in the forest net. The fields are growing well. When the car drove into Huangyuan County, it passed through the extremely long Huangyuan Canyon, all the way to Riyue Mountain. There are mountains and rivers in the gorge. Even if there are no rape blossoms or flocks of migratory birds, it is worth visiting all the way. Whether you are cycling or driving, the peerless scenery along the way will make you intoxicated.

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Huangyuan GorgeXining,China

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Shike ParkXining,China

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Dongke TempleXining,China

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Dange'er Ancient CityXining,China

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Qinghaisheng Huangyuanxian Gudao MuseumXining,China

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About Huangyuan

Huangyuan County is under the administration of Xining and is located in western Xining in northeast Qinghai Province. Dan Gar Ancient City was built during the reign of the Ming dynasty Hongwu Emperor and was an important western Chinese economic hub and a militarily strategic city. Dan Gar is also an important religious site, named after the thangka, Tibetan Buddhist cloth paintings that hang in temples. Today's Dan Gar Ancient City is full of shops, it is prosperous and lively.

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Here are the best places to visit in Huangyuan, including: Riyue Mountains (Sun and Moon Mountains),Dange'er Ancient City,Zongjiagou Culture Tourism Sceneic Area
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