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Qingren Hai

Qingren Hai

4.6/520 Reviews
Ranked #5 in Jinchuan Can't Miss Attractions
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Lover Sea, Tibet, known as "Saer Foot Coo", is located in the village of Saer Foot, Akori Township, Jinchuan County, Aba Prefecture, at an altitude of 3866 meters. We pass the village housing, past the hunting through the oysters, to the lake to start walking along the lake shore. The lakeside trail is hidden in fir and cypress trees, the trees are tall and covered with pineapples. The journey is not very long, but because of the high altitude, it can only go slowly, and it is just a way to enjoy the scenery. The lake is mirrored, with the sun, sometimes blue, sometimes green, sometimes light gray, and the nearest wood, faraway meadow, the top of the cloud, composed a similar but different wonderland, in the plateau has been deduced beautiful picture scroll. On this fairyland lake, you just want to stand quietly, quietly, like the fairyland flowing, you just have to behead a smile. We returned to the village along the original road, luckily a villager, learned that the original road can not return, continue along the road to the lake to the meadow, and then the road to the opposite back to the village. The villagers also told us that winter is also beautiful, winter lake ice can skate. Lover Sea Walk Suggestions: From the direction of Guanyin Bridge to the loss of lover sea, it is usually to navigate to the parking lot of Salzu village. It is recommended that you continue to drive up the mountain to the lover slope parking lot at the end of the lover sea, and then start clockwise from the end of the lake. This way, not to go back, can appreciate the sea of lovers from different directions. If from the direction of Jinchuan, will first arrive the slope of lovers, park here can be hiking."
Huluhai LakeNearby City

Huluhai Lake

4.9/531 Reviews
Ranked #6 in Danba Can't Miss Attractions
"Dangling Hulu Sea, 4,200 meters above sea level, Quaternary glacier retreated formed the plateau lake, such as Hulu, the lake is clear and calm, reflection beautiful, strange light, Haizi side, a redwood strained and vigorous, dense conifer from green to red. The mountains in the distance are the mountains of the snowy mountains in Hengduan Mountains, the highest peak of the summer snow mountain sea dipping 5470 meters, all year round snow, fog and snow from time to time reveal the vast and trance, exposed her pure and moving skin, like a sword directly into the clouds. First stay in Dangling Village for one night, recommend the old secretary inn, package breakfast and dinner. Some rooms have separate bathrooms and showers, use an electric water heater, have a bath, the water is very hot. The room has no heating but has an electric blanket. Physical strength is average, there is a high altitude reaction, or friends who hope to arrive at Huluhai early, remember to find the innkeeper the day before, contact the horse help, book the horse, and ride the mountain at 7 o'clock the next morning. It is usually a groom and take two horses at the same time, 200 yuan / person one way. The length of horse riding is about an hour and 15 minutes, the distance is about two-thirds of the total mileage, the last third of the distance due to the steep slopes and rocks need to hike, good physical strength 30 feet 40 minutes to gourd sea, poor physical strength takes an hour and a half to two hours. On the walk, you arrive at Ganhaizi first. This sea son is relatively small, but the scenery is very good, you can take a moment to take a photo, and then continue to hike to the Hulu Sea, there are local Tibetans renting tents on the edge of the Hulu Sea, and you also sell instant noodles. There is hot water supply, so friends who have time are not afraid of suffering, Like photography, can live in the Huluhai tent for one night, because the most beautiful time is the morning sun rise to 10 am, this time climate is stable, the lake is windless, reflection clear, light soft, few tourists. I am riding + hiking, starting at 7 am, arriving at the Hulu Sea before 10 o'clock, after noon, one side is more tourists, on the other hand, the wind is up, the angle of light has changed, the reflection of the lake can not be seen."
Namu LakeNearby City

Namu Lake

4.1/512 Reviews
Ranked #4 in Abazhou Amazing Natural Scenery
Open from 10:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"Namu Lake is one of the first places to visit after entering the Bipenggou Scenic Area. There is the only hot spring hotel in the scenic area, with public hot spring areas and ski resorts. It is simply a fairy enjoyment in winter: it is clear after the snow. , The blue sky, white clouds and snowy peaks stand in the sky, the air is fresh, and the valley is a white world like a fairy tale world. If you stay at the Namu Lake Hot Spring Hotel, you can enjoy the feeling of chartering the scenic spot. In the early morning, people who are destined can see the sunshine and Jinshan, while the night is silent and silent, and the starry sky and the galaxy on the plateau are shining. It will bring you who have been living in the city for a long time. There are many activities in winter, skiing, playing in the snow, bathing in hot springs... Living in the scenic area will have additional scenery blessings: beautiful morning light, twilight and starry sky at night. Welfare bonus for living in the scenic spot: You can drive to the Namu Lake Hot Spring Hotel by self-driving; entrance fees and hot spring tickets are already included in the room rate, and you can also enjoy the convenience of taking a battery car to the nearby Longwanghai several times. The most important point is that there is a hot spring pool in the room, so you can soak in the hot spring 24 hours a day! ! ! A scenic hotel worthy of Amway."