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YunyasiNearby City

4.8/59 Reviews
Open from 8:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"Yunya Temple National Forest Park is located in Zhuanglang County, Gansu Province. It is about 25 kilometers away from the county seat. It is quite convenient. If it is not a long drive, it will be there soon, which is about half an hour’s drive. The scenic area is very large. , It is also very interesting inside, there are mountains, waters and very dense trees, so it is very recommended. In history, Yunya Temple is also very famous, it is said that it is with Kongtong Mountain, Maiji Mountain and Xianren Cliff. It is a famous scenic spot. There are many grottoes here, and they are of great cultural value. Many grotto lovers come here to do some research work. From historical data, there are many Taoist priests here in the Northern Wei Dynasty. After practicing, of course some historical relics were left behind. The Yunya Temple scenic area covers a large area, and the environment and air are very good. There are more people. As the more famous national forest park in the area, it is still very good. There are more tourists. You need to buy tickets to enter the scenic spot. The ticket is 60 yuan, which is considered a passable. There are many types of trees in the scenic area, and many of them are relatively expensive, such as Huashan pine, Chinese pine, larch, red birch, white birch, aspen, green gang, and plum. You can see it. Plants grow luxuriantly, and there are many protected animals in many countries, such as leopards, deer, musk deer, wild boars, golden pheasants, ring-necked pheasants and other national second and third protected animals. I saw it, so it is still a very good national forest park. The development of the scenic spot is OK, the supporting facilities are considered passable, and the protection is very good. The local climate is a bit arid, so you must bring enough drinking water, pay attention to sun protection, and mountaineering It’s best to wear comfortable shoes." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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