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Popular Attractions in Miyagi

49 Reviews
Zuihoden, a spiritual temple, is dedicated to the famous singular dragon martial artist Ida Zhengzong. On July 10, 1945, at the end of the Pacific War, Sendai was greatly damaged by the US Air Force's strategic critical strike and Zuihoden was also burned and destroyed. At the same time, the Senxiang Hall of the second generation of the loyalists of the loyalty to the loyalists and the sacred temple of the third generation of the main sects were also burnt and destroyed at the same time. Zuihoden was again rebuilt in 1979. Before construction, the remains of the Yi Dazheng Zong and the funerary objects were discovered in the excavation survey.
Sendai Castle
85 Reviews
Sendai Castle is located on Aobayama Mountain in Aoba-ku, Sendai City, and was established by Yida Masahiro. In front of the main ruins of Sendai Castle, there is a bronze statue of a fully armed horse riding of Ida Masamune. It is very mighty. There is also a beautiful scenery of Aobayama Park next to the Sendai Castle. Since there are not many high-rise buildings in Sendai City, you can see the scenery of the whole city on the top of the mountain.
Tohoku university
48 Reviews
Tohoku University is one of the best national universities in Japan. The Sendai Medical College where Mr. Lu Xun studied was the predecessor of the Tohoku University Medical Department. There is a stone statue of Mr. Lu Xun in the campus and there is also an exhibition room in the historical library to commemorate Lu Xun. The whole school has a very quiet atmosphere. The teaching buildings are simple and the campus environment is beautiful.
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Miyagi Prefecture, Sendai City, Aoba Ward

Trip Moments

In Japan, I visited a pottery workshop in which the husband and wife of Miyagi Prefecture operated the . The owner, Kato and his wife, met in Kyoto. In 1985, they began to work together as pottery. Mrs. Kato was originally a descendant of the end of the family (the pottery of the Ida Masaoka's royal family). At that time, she lost, and she wanted to return to the Northeast to rejuvenate the pottery. Mr. Kato helped. She revives the end of the family together. From 2011 to 2013, due to the earthquake in Japan, almost all the works of the four kiln of the original pottery workshop were washed away by the tsunami. Later, with the help of the Japanese economic industry, I bought the current ancient The folks began to re-do the pottery workshop, which was finally completed in June last year. After the earthquake and tsunami recovered, they actually found their first work in the ruins. So Mr. Kato likes the word "dream" very much. The word "dream" hanging on the wall is written by himself, indicating his sustenance to the dream. The style of the Kato couple changed a lot since the earthquake. They liked to leave white. The meaning of staying in white is to pursue the beauty of silence and leave space for them to feel. Mr. Kato said: It is very lucky to be reborn after the earthquake. He is very fortunate to continue to do pottery in his lifetime. He combines nature and tradition, and creates a free state. Nowadays, her daughter is studying pottery in Kyoto and will inherit her parents' studio one day. Although their family experienced an earthquake and their dreams were destroyed, they still regained their enthusiasm and continued to search for dreams. Listening to their stories is very encouraging.
Posted: Dec 25, 2018
Qinggen Hot Spring is a famous hot spring town in Miyagi Prefecture. It is also one of the member hot spring hotels of the Japan Secret Soup Guardian Association. The white hot lanterns of the Japanese Secret Soup Guardian Association are everywhere in the hot spring hotel. It is very historical. sense. The "Unforgettable" of more than 400 years of history can be a famous secret soup in Miyagi Prefecture. It was once the place where Idas lord Ida Masaru used Tangzhi, because Idas patriarchal ancestral hall The experience is unforgettable and named "I don't forget the pavilion", and now it also treasures the historical artifacts of the Ida family. Not forgetting that the cabinet is famous for its "zng soup". Zang (zng) is a characteristic building in Japan. As the name suggests, Tibetan soup is a hot spring in the possession. Guests who live in this house can enjoy the Japanese tangible cultural treasures for free for 30 minutes. Tibetan soup is quite big, suitable for a person or a couple, so it is a real private soup! I don't forget that the biggest of the three most famous secret soups is Da Tang. It was like this 400 years ago. The beam did not use a nail and it was still stable for hundreds of years. Zheng Zong soup is the hot spring of Idas political sects more than 400 years ago. It has never been rebuilt. It is what it is now seen more than 400 years ago. "Haizhifu soup" is also named after a famous nobleman who has been soaked here. These three are really hot springs more than 400 years ago. Like the "one of the soup masters", the old building "not forgetting the pavilion" is also worth a good look.
Posted: Dec 20, 2018