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Mount Tai

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Popular Attractions in Mount Tai

Mount Tai Scenic Area
17,072 Reviews
Crowned as "The King of the Five Sacred Mountains", Mount Tai has been one of China's most famous mountain peaks since ancient times. A large and impressive rock mass covering 25,000 ha and rising to 1,545 m above the surrounding plateau, Mount Taishan is considered one of the most beautiful scenic spots in China and was an important cradle of oriental East Asian culture since the earliest times. The mountain was an important object of the cult worship of mountains even before 219 BCE, when the Qin Emperor paid tribute to the mountain to inform the gods of his success in unifying all of China. Watching the sunrise and catching the spectacular sea of clouds are common activities that visitors engage in. You are also encouraged to explore the ancient sites, engravings, and religious temples to understand the role of Mount Tai in China's long history.
Shiba Pan (Eighteen Bends)
1,096 Reviews
Shiba Pan, a main feature of Mount Tai, is a dangerous section of the Taishan mountain road with more than 1600 stone steps. Both sides of the cliff are so steep like cuts. The steep mountain road between the cliffs looks like a ladder to the heaven.
Nantian Gate
673 Reviews
Nantian Gate, also known as Santian Gate, is located at the end of the 18 tracks of Taishan Mountain. It was constructed in the first year of Yuanzhi period in Yuan Dynasty (1264). At the top of the mountaineering track, it looks like the heaven palace from the bottom up, so it is named after the paradise spot Nantian Gate. Passing through the Nantian Gate is the top of Mount Tai, which is called going from "human world" to "heaven." Nantian Gate has a long history and was rebuilt in Ming and Qing Dynasties. It was renovated twice after the founding of the People's Warlord Era. Now the building maintains the style of the Qing Dynasty, which is still spectacular.
Zhonghua Taishan Fengshan Dadian
993 Reviews
The "Taishan China-Fengchan Ceremony" live performance was created with utmost care by the production team of Mr. Mei Shuaiyuan, the founder of China's large-scale landscape live performances. This large-scale landscape performance was divided into seven chapters, recreating the fengchan ceremony scene of the emperors of the Taishan Five Dynasties. The performance, taking Taishan history and culture as the core and Taishan natural landscape as the background, fully demonstrates the unique value and profound connotation of Taishan culture.

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Trip Moments

Taishan is the first of the "Five Sacred Mountains" in China. It has the reputation of "the first mountain in the world", also known as Dongyue. It is one of the most beautiful and shocking top ten famous mountains in China. Since ancient times, the Chinese have worshipped Mount Tai, and there is a saying that "Tai Shan An, all the seas are safe." Since the Qin Shihuang Emperor Fengshan Taishan, the emperors of the dynasties have been chanting and offering sacrifices in Mount Tai, and built temples on the Mount Tai. Taishan is located in the central part of Tai'an City, Shandong Province, China. The main peak of Jade Emperor Peak is 1,545 meters above sea level. It is magnificent and majestic, and enjoys the title of the first of the Five Sacred Mountains and the first mountain in the world. Taishan is the world's first world heritage of nature and culture, a national 5A level scenic spot. Taishan scenery is famous for its magnificentness. Overlapping mountainous terrain, heavy body shape, the setting of the pine boulder, the change of cloud smoke makes it both beautiful and magnificent in the majestic. The most famous is the "four wonders of Mount Tai". The four seasons of the mountain are distinct. The top three seasons are like spring, winter is like jade, that is, winter is foggy and crystal clear as jade, which is one of the important landscapes. The sand is large in spring. Taishan has a long winter, with an icing period of 150 days and a minimum temperature of -27.5 °C at the top, forming a smog and rain wonder. During the summer and autumn, the clouds and rains change, the peaks are like mountains, and Lin Maoquan flies.
Posted: Dec 24, 2018
Being able to be selected for the World Natural Heritage or World Cultural Heritage is not easy. In addition to the hardware conditions that must be possessed by the heritage site, the road to the application is extremely long. Xiamen Gulangyu, which has just been included in the World Cultural Heritage, has started its application for the World Heritage since 2008 and it took almost 10 years. China has been applying for World Heritage projects since 1986. The first batch of World Heritage projects in China was announced in 1987. The six world heritages include the best cultural heritages such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor. Taishan is the only natural and cultural double. Heritage, and this is also the world's first dual heritage of culture and nature. Taishan is not only beautiful, but has been attached to many political attributes since ancient times. It has been honored as the head of the Five Sacred Mountains, the first mountain in the world, etc. The emperors of the past have attached great importance to Mount Tai. Since Qin Shihuang, 13 emperors have boarded the Taishan Fengzen Festival. Among them, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty visited Taishan 10 times and sealed the Zen 6 times. When climbing, there are many stalls where you can buy snacks and snacks. Pancake rolls are representative of local specialties, both on the mountain and under the mountain. If you want to save effort, you can take the car from the foot of the mountain to Zhongtianmen, then take the cable car to Nantianmen, which is the top of the mountain. Walking for hiking is more fun. There are countless stone carvings on the mountain along the way. It is one of the most precious treasures of Mount Tai.
Posted: Dec 22, 2018