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Charles Church

Charles Church

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"Churches and Cathedrals"
"The monumental church is amazing. First of all, the place itself is very interesting. People who go out often know that there are many places in the world with heavy names. This Plymouth is the city of the same name. An earlier birthplace, has knowledge gained? There are many churches here. This Charles Church is the second oldest church among the very old churches in the local area. Many buildings were gone during World War II. Then this church was very stubborn, and it was kept here. We must cherish the present peace. Living in modern times is a very happy thing. We have the opportunity to visit these places and experience the culture of various places. If we see more churches, we may have different characteristics during the day, but there are similar places. , This church specially went to see it again in the evening. Looking outside, it may be because of the lights. The brightly lit kind is very beautiful and spectacular. The glass of the church looks very interesting, although it also has a Gothic taste. The top window glass looks like a stacked enlarged version of coins from the outside. Although it is not very spectacular and tall, it is amazing. Can feel the long history feel. There are totally two different tastes during the day and night. Personally, I prefer to see it at night. Practical tips: 1. People here don’t like to be photographed, it’s best to get the consent of others before taking pictures. 2. In addition to the church, the universities here are also worth visiting. There are many prestigious schools with rich educational resources."