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Shangshu Mansion
Taining is a small town in the northwest of Yunnan. It is located between the mountains and has a population of only 100,000. This quiet small county town had a big man in the late Ming Dynasty, Li Chunlu, who was the secretary of the military department during the Tianqi period. Tai Ning County is not big, almost no need to take a bus, walk to the main street on foot, pass the Shanxi is the ancient city of Taining, Shangshu is the core of the ancient city of Taining, this courtyard is the residence of Li Chunxi, covering 5000 More than 120 square meters, with more than 120 houses, it is the largest and best preserved Ming Dynasty ancient dwelling in Fujian Province. Shangshu was built in the last year of Wanli, and has a history of nearly 400 years. It is preserved and complete, and it is not unrelated to its materials. Tai Ning is called Sugi Castle in the ancient times, and the hills are rich in cedar trees. Li Chunxi's large house built with the best firs reflects his illustrious identity and achieves a sturdy and durable purpose. The courtyard has five gates, and the whole house has stone slabs embedded in it. From the south end, it is inscribed with "Shangshu", "Zhuguo Shaobao", "Four Worlds", "Limen", " "Yi Lu" and other words, stone carving and exquisite stone carving, rich in local characteristics, grand scale, is a precious material to study the ancient residences of Fujian. Shangshu is also known as Wufutang. The most important feature is the atmosphere. It is a typical ancient building complex in the form of three halls and nine buildings in Taining. Each building has a front hall, a middle hall, and a rear hall. Several buildings are connected side by side, and the building is separated from the building by a fire wall.
This is the first glass bridge in East China. It is suspended in a steep canyon. It is about 200 meters high and is suspended above the abyss. The glass flyover is located between the canyons on both sides of the Gaozhou River in Xia Tian, and is made of fully transparent glass. When you go in, you should wear a shoe cover first, not only for slipping, but also will not let the sand scratch the glass, affecting the light transmittance and service life. This is too suitable for shooting martial arts films, and the little friends wear the props rented in the scenic spot, pick up the sword in your hand, come to a martial arts hegemony! There is no fear of heights. It means that you can play well. If you have a fear of heights, you will be sad! Standing on the glass bridge, it is like hanging over the abyss. Through the glass, you can also see the beautiful scenes of the Green Forest Square, Taoping Ancient Village, Jianjia Mountain Villa and other knights. Not far away is the Eagle's Mouth Waterfall, the waterfall with the largest vertical drop in Fujian, the waterfall water falls on the rock protruding from the stone wall. The syrup flies, the jasper smashes, and the splashes of water form a large spray, like a milky white light cloud. The sun shines on it, forming a rainbow. From the sightseeing car of the scenic spot to the innermost part of the canyon, choose to go outside from the inside, so that you can stagger the tourists and take pictures better. In the scenic spot, the knights, the squatters, the cottages, and the mountain villages are looming in the virgin forests that are intertwined with thousands of years old trees and long and deep.
Xiatianxia Scenic Area
Wearing the martial arts clothes, walking in the canyon scenic area, crossing the myth of returning to the millennium, the red dust and the stranger, nothing more than a feast, one day, the end of the song, the lights are dark, the people are scattered, the dust is returned to the earth. The desert is solitary with the wind, the stone bricks bridge the bridge, the dream is uneasy when waking up, only to smell the rivers and lakes. The sorrow of Qingyuan is a distant and inaccessible sorrow. For example, the micro-clouds alone can only look at the distance of the end of the day. around 11:30, there will be a performance of the martial arts conference below the Yingzui Waterfall, now away from the performance There are still about 40 minutes to start, you can eat a meal first, so you can stagger with the group visitors, quiet and quiet to enjoy a meal. The restaurant is next to the Yingzui Waterfall, called the Wulin Banquet. The speed of serving is called a fast. 11:30, the martial arts conference officially began, the warriors at the martial arts conference were wearing costumes for wonderful martial arts performances, and the martial arts conference was held several times a day. Performing, the major martial arts perform wonderful martial arts performances, the martial arts gangs of Shaolin School, Gangbang, Fuwei Escort, Dragon Tiger Gate, Eagle Village, etc. are all here to show the mysterious school of their gangs. Each gang shows his own school, selects the martial arts lord of the day, and conducts the martial arts lord's ceremonial ceremony. Finally, visitors will be invited to the stage to play Songkran Festival together. Visitors sitting in the front row must be careful, maybe the next wet body is is you.
Sanming Xiji Village, everyone in the yard to help chat, Xiaohong said that I have not seen so many stars for a long time, I said that you have not looked up at the sky for a long time! The more we look at it, the more stars there are, the Galaxy appears, you know? I saw the Galaxy for the first time (maybe I have seen it before but I dont know it). There is no light. Everyone walks on the uneven stone road and walks around the village. Chatting in twos and threes, I have talked about what I have never remembered, but in my mind. Always remember the scenes that walked in the dark, the sky was twinkling, the galaxy became clearer, and finally decided to go back and take the guy to take pictures. I will wear slippers to go out with the black light bonfire! On such a night, I also knew the word "time-lapse" for the first time. If you don't understand, you can ask for a mother, that is, take a picture intermittently, and finally you can turn it into a dynamic picture. For example, you can generate a ten-second dynamic picture by taking an hour. Its just that I can shoot the Milky Way, the stars are blinking, its very interesting, but it really takes time and patience, and sometimes they often take two or three in the morning to get a good photo, but fortunately the secretary let me take the glare. Flashlight, they took pictures of me, the light of the flashlight felt on the stars, very fun, that is, people can't see the flashlight in the photo, only a bunch of light and stars. At such a moment, we spread out to turn off all the light sources to find the most satisfactory time-lapse delay. At this moment, in the small Potala Palace hidden in the mountains of Sanming, Fujian, there are sporadic dogs in the night, one after another. The insects, and the stars in the sky, walking under the stars, full of happiness, you will want to take one hand and walk