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Religious Sites
Ga'rila Temple

Ga'rila Temple

4.2/527 Reviews
Ranked No. 20 in Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Hainan Can't Miss Attractions
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"To see the temples, you should go to the Ta'er Temple. Although there are more people, it is magnificent and magnificent. If you look at the natural scenery, the Huanhu West Road is even worse. Before going to check other people's travel notes, it is written that the monks in the temple are shy and kind, and there is a paradise on earth. When I parked the car on the main road, a monk came over and asked for money! I was stunned. The area around Qinghai Lake surrounded by herders’ barbed wire said that this is their pasture. You have to go in and you have to pay. I can understand how much this is. Now I am parked on the main road and I have to pay. Money, and a monk asks me for money! In my cognition, the Tibetan people’s faith is very pious, so there are only a few hundred kilometers of three prayers and nine percussion pilgrimages, meticulous and never lazy! The lamas are more pure and refined, and they are dedicated to the Buddha. These people are not in the same state as the Jiufuhua monks and Taoists in the Mainland. But now, a lama is asking me for money on the main road. He has not been approved for charging and has not entered private territory. Even the car is charged per person. What is the difference between this and robbery? If it wasn't for the old and the small, I would really harden the steel to the end! When I handed the money to the lama, I asked him: Does the Buddha know about these things you do? The lama was taken aback for a moment, and then showed an awkward expression. He should also realize that he had fallen into a stinky mortal in the red dust. Not recommended!"