Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Hainan
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Things To Do in Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Hainan

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fcy911The Tour of Qinghai Lake is the top Asian race and the world's highest international road cycling race. It is held in Qingqing and surrounding provinces in July. One stop is at Erlangjian Scenic Area. Erlangjian Scenic Area is located in the southeast of Qinghai Lake, 151km from Xining, here is also known as the 151 base. Erlangjian scenic area is deep into Qinghai Lake, there are grassland, beach, animal-based ecological natural resources, here can see many famous salmon, salmon every year 6~ July to swim in the source river spawning. Every year when the rape flowers bloom, the scenery here is very beautiful.
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National Park
E29***70A beautiful National Park and not very crowded. We were surprised how quick it was to get through, we thought we would be spending half the day there, but after walking all the possible tracks we were only inside for just over an hour
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189***11Longyang Gorge [refueling] [refueling] Gao Gorge is too spectacular out of Pinghu [666] The Yellow River Ancient Waterway, the First Gorge of the Great River 👏 Here you can see the original color of the Yellow River on the mother river [squat face] is not yellow [tooth] [tooth] [tooth] [tooth] Primary school has been back ah [squat face] China 🇨🇳 The third largest hydropower station, It's a spectacular [fear] and I drove over two hours to get here [to refuel] and I'm sorry I missed the flood, [sucking my mouth]
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Adventures of LengThere are many sunrise scenic spots around the Heimahe Township. I went to a point closer to the Heimahe Township. I left early in the morning. There are small roads on the side of the road leading directly to the lake. There are several Tibetan Buddhist buildings hidden in the twilight. Then people are waiting for the sun to rise at the lake. A little bit overcast. The clouds are thicker, and I didn't see the full sunrise, but I just exposed a circle of gold, birds flying on the water, the lake surged to the shore with the wind, and after sunrise I could see the snowy mountains behind me. Even if the sunrise was not perfect, the scenery was still great.
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老吴华哥Daotang River is located in Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province. It has a total length of more than 40 kilometers. It flows from east to west and flows into Qinghai Lake. It is different from most rivers from west to east, hence the name Daotang River. The river originated in the Chahan grassland at the western foot of the Riyue Mountains. The river is winding and winding, and the water is crystal clear. It looks like a bright ribbon falling on the grassland as magical and charming.