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City Park
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Central Park

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"City Park"
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"I live next to the loyal oak sky station. I take the sky train from loyal oak station for two stops, get off at patterson station, and go to the exit in the direction of traffic, and you will see central park under patterson. , Going to the right is Central Park. You only have to go a little further before you can see the entrance. There are many small entrances. The park is free anyway. It doesn’t matter where you go. I entered from a bicycle crossing and strolled around for about 30 minutes. I felt a bit similar to the previous online introduction, but there were also some key points that were not mentioned. The park is full of trees, and many tall and straight cedar trees seem to grow naturally. There are indeed many squirrels in the park, they forage or play. There is an open-air swimming pool in the park. When I went there today, there were many people swimming in it. It looked like a competition. There was also a female sculpture in the park. The sculpture-related things were written in English and Korean around it. The most important place is that there is a large picnic area in the Central Park. The stone tables and chairs used for picnics are irregularly distributed in the picnic area. The tables and chairs are scattered. It seems that one place is for a family or a small area. For groups. I think a big function of Central Park is picnic. There is also a football field in the park and so on. Many roads in the park are half dirt roads, so walking on the trails will stain your shoes, which I don’t like. Because the weather suddenly became cold today, it was drizzling again, and I was tired, so I returned before finishing walking. If you live in Vancouver for a long time, it is a good choice to go wild with friends on holidays."