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Forest World, Suzhou Amusement LandNearby City

Forest World, Suzhou Amusement Land

4.3/51438 Reviews
"Theme Park"
Selected for Suzhou Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 9:15am-5:15pm (Local time)
"I went on a weekday. There are two school spring trips that day. But people are not many. One project can play several times. Some people say that there are more people. Everyone can take a holiday. There are not many holidays. I want to be convenient and want to play. This is not possible. I have a few projects below. I think it is good. Deluxe waves The flying chair is not very exciting, it's a bit dizzy. I personally played 3 times. 2. Snow field twin male jumper, the green slowly rose to the highest point, and the red is the extreme speed and suddenly the downward is very exciting! ! 3. 31 degrees north latitude, the chair will move with the animation, and it will be a little dizzy when you come down. Personally, you can accept 4. Elves are fun for bumper cars, personal, not exciting 5. There is a big screen in front of the Everest Crusade indoor jumper, and you will give 3d eyes to jump up and down with the animation. There will be a weightlessness 6. Tornado storm 720 degrees rotate slowly. Not dizzy 7. Phantom rafting water rafting project Buy a raincoat. It is recommended to buy 15 sets (raincoat + shoe covers) in the park. The quality is better than the quality outside. Personally, it is good. It is fun. I went to the mountain car that day and did not drive. It is a pity to play the project. Not only that, but these are the ones that are very impressive."