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Huayan Scenic ResortNearby City

Huayan Scenic Resort

4.5/558 Reviews
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Open from 8:00am-5:30pm (Local time)
"It is not hot, the weekend of the breeze, and the family to Huayan Temple, now should be called Huayan Tourist Area, there is a famous Huayan Temple, the whole scenic spot is very good, and very quiet! The bus and subway loop line are all here, so it is super convenient, plus there is no need for tickets, so tourists are coming! The cultural background is not introduced, many friends have said, come to hard goods: the scenic area needs to pay attention to the public number reservation, but do not need to advance, the door scan the QR code to fill in. The temples in the scenic area have to ask for fragrance, so you don't have to buy incense to take it, the incense bought at the door, can't bring into the scenic spot, especially that big! Huayan Temple has lunch at noon 11.30 Zhaitang, you can follow the joy, there is no fixed fee, the general public gave 5-10 yuan, not wasted, eat it yourself! Missed the meal, there is no special place to eat, you can bring a little snack, but strongly suggest, respect the religious belief, don't eat porridge in the temple, very bad! There are legal things in the scenic area, and you can do it by your own power, some things are not affordable for you and my people! Fortune-telling must pay attention to, religious places believers into the unbelievers retreat, do not be cheated by some ulterior motives! Overall value for money is very high, suitable for play!"